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  1. Anyone know of any WWI living history groups or events in Northeast US? I am in Maryland. Thanks! Brent
  2. Thanks, Allan. The thing is that I do not have any reason to believe this is fake. I bought the Phrase Book on ebay years ago and paid about $20 for it. This was tucked in its pages and is in excellent shape but not new. I dont intend on parting with it, just fun to think it is real. Brent
  3. Was flipping through a WWII German phrase book and an original Patton Prayer Card popped out. Kind of a neat combination! Of course I am assuming it is original. How could I authenticate it? What is something like this worth? Thanks in advance Brent
  4. Hi Lewis VERY COOL! What a great story! I heard Bruce Willis is a really nice guy. Always good to his fans. Thanks for sharing this and the great photos! Brent
  5. I really liked this movie. Well acted and thought provoking. I especially enjoy the German POW camp movies and this one did not disappoint IMHO Brent
  6. Outstanding! What a great idea doing a shoot at the Tower. Everyone looks great, well done! Brent
  7. Great Looking Jeep! Nice job. I am still working on my 45MB. Brent
  8. It would stand to reason that some may have got into the theatre via the French. I doubt they would have been used by the US formally. Most Vets I run into while driving my WC tell me "I remember those, ours had doors". Brent
  9. My two girls helping me out for the day during the summer. Brent
  10. I will take some pictures today. I believe the the Wool Overcoat can button right or left, both on my large 42 and this mystery one. One thing interesting to note is that the collar is smaller than my men's (from memory). This could of course be to an earlier production. The coat does have the brass buttons. Thanks for the replies. Brent
  11. I have picked up some WAC uniform components for my collection and wanted to see if the overcoat is actually a female variant. My 42L is in storage and not readily available to compare the two. There are no tags or sizes on the coat. Any help would be appreciated. Brent
  12. Thanks, I want to use it for vehicle display. Brent
  13. I have an M2 ammo can. Is there a way to determine if it is correct WWII? Thanks! Brent
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