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  1. One oddball scabbard is from Chile. Part of my previous collection! https://imgur.com/a/PQOwx
  2. Most of them have new barrels by now. 500 is a good price. New barrel 200.00 150.00 to install. total about 850.
  3. RIA 1913 & BULA M21 https://imgur.com/a/pwEuD0y
  4. Maybe he thinks he paid too much. Or wife put her foot down. Who knows?
  5. T105s, looks like flat side oprod, Did it go thru rebuild? Nice looking stock! Any Cartouches? Carbine is sweet!
  6. 1563621


    Repaint would cover up poor orig finish.
  7. 1563621


    The finish on the Detroit scabbard looks too good for a Detroit. Might be a replacement.
  8. My screen, has an online user pull down.
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