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  1. My screen, has an online user pull down.
  2. Here is another import mark, https://imgur.com/tZGuo1y
  3. Gary Cunningham books are good.
  4. PA is closer to the North store. Went there in 2012. But so store always has a better inventory!. They have some nice 03s and 03a3s now. with a few 1917s thrown in.
  5. I only have 5 or 6 Vietnam era bayonets. Have the Gen Cut, Looking for Canadian arsenal.
  6. From left WW2 issue thru to Vietnam issue on right.https://imgur.com/a/ODVKHlg
  7. I have worked in proprooms, Local IATSE for 34 years. 03s , 03a3s, Colt pythons! Never saw a 41 Johnson though, that might have walked home!
  8. Nice park on that one. Get some BLO on tock.
  9. surp ammo Value? About 240 rds total1-box of 1898 30. cal 2-FA tracer 3-Incendiary box empty 4-SL frangible 5-Loose AP 6-21 clipped tracer 7-7 boxes M2 1943 8-bag blanke 9-bag loose m2. Value of total or should I break up into lots? https://imgur.com/a/Oag8Dog
  10. I have had this sitting in case for 5 years. Selling what is left of collection, What would the value be? https://imgur.com/a/2rKjTau
  11. My Wifes Uncle Passed last week, 94 Years old. He told me a few years ago, did not want to talk about it. Traveled to too many islands.with the 2nd Marine division. Joseph G. Klimko. Any info would appreciate.
  12. I bought a NIW for 150.00 last year. Filled it and sold.
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