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    Somewhat of a uniform collector. Very interested in US Army uniforms of the WWII and Cold War era.

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  1. I am certain this topic is covered elsewhere in the forum, however my computer if having issues using the search feature. In regards to the WWII officer olive drab uniform, was the Olive Drab shade 51 coat the same color as the "chocolate" colored variant. I have referenced olive-drab.com and the article mentions that OD 51 existed as well as a darker "chocolate" variant: "A second Service Coat color was darker, still olive drab but with a chocolate shade of brown". However I have read elsewhere, and more than a few times, that OD 51 was indeed the "chocolate" color. I just want to investigate
  2. The buttons are the original M1941 japanned black "burst of glory" metal tack buttons. They were gradually replaced by the OD 6 plastic ones.
  3. I have searched and scoured the internet for copies of AR 670-5 from the 60s. I have a pdf of 1959, 1971, 1979, 1981, 1985 but I cannot find one from the 60s. Am I able to look through the one the Smithsonian has? How would I go about doing this?
  4. I have one of these. I bought it on eBay not a long while ago with some other Specialist insignia; the pin is why I bought the set. I don't think it was a US Army issue item but I have no idea; do you?
  5. If you'll note the paper quoted throughout this thread (Short History of the Specilaist Rank) was in fact written by me. I may not be an expert at the level of Emerson, but I do suggest I am one of a handful who can talk in depth on the subject. Best wishes. //dan If you are in fact CSM Dan Elder (which I say only because of the extreme coincedence) I do have a question about that paper that was written. Within in you mention that Spec 8 and 9 were abolished in '68 when CSM was added to the Army ranks. However I have read in numerous other places that Spec 8 and 9 were abolished in
  6. Right, I said that because I never knew as to why Spec 4 was the only Specialist rank to wear it on the collar.
  7. T-Bone, no they did not make a shoulder slide for those. The shoulder slides didn't come into service until '79 when the AG415 shirt came in. They do exist for Spec 5 and 6, however not Spec 4 for some reason. Patches, I have a shoebox full of various Specialist 4-9 rank insigina and I have never even seen these backings. I would like to add them to my collection if it is no hassle to you.
  8. Haha! Well I guess I just haven't had a lot of questions and I haven't been as active in collecting recently. T-Bone would you mind posting a picture of the white backing. I've heard about those but never actually seen one.
  9. Heres an odd Spec 5 patch as well:
  10. Very interesting Specialist 6 insignia I stumbled across. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-U-S-Army-E...=item43ad21a707
  11. A single subdued Spec 9 recently went for $87.00 on eBay. I still wonder about the genuiness of subdued Spec 8 and 9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=true&rt=nc
  12. I have a Specialist 8 pin made by the same company with a 9 in the top of the shield where this one has a 22. Mine is silver and black and measures 1 1/8 inch tall by 11.5/16 inch wide. I do not know what mine is either.
  13. This picture is from another topic but the hallmark on the back is easier to read than mine is. Where there is a 22 on this emblem, there is a 9 on mine.
  14. Acquired this pin not too long ago. The color scheme is sliver and black, rather than green and gold. Has two pins on the back. It is manufactured by NS Meyer. It is 1 1/8 '' (2.8cm) tall by 11.5/16 '' (1.8cm) wide.
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