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  1. I can't remember how much they were. Not a lot as I got them on ebay but they were listed without photos.
  2. I picked these up online a while back and the photos were not too clear. I thought they were just regular wool shirts but when they arrived there were some odd things about them. This one has no gas flap and no sign of any labels or markings anywhere other than a faded "R-I 506" inked onto the collar. Rifle infantry? This shirt has had the sleeves cropped and hemmed to a short sleeve length. Also it has had a small strip of parachute silk sewn into the neck to act as a sweatband. It's made of the same heavy wool as other ETO shirts. Just wondering if anyone has seen anyth
  3. I myself have access to a suite of these machines. I recently got a commission from a Belgian re-enactor to produce 5 copies of a very rare unit cap badge. He supplied the original, this was then laser scanned and refined and worked on in 3d sculpting software. It was enlarged slightly to allow for casting shrinkage. Date marks were also added to the back (along with a few hidden tweaks) to make it couldn't be passed off as an original. The 3D print of the completed badge was quite rough and took a fair amount of work to smooth out. After this was done a mould was made in vulcanised rubbe
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