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  1. Hi lynxman, could you tell me more about that Ralph Edwards 7823 (CTM) 2313, if you have pics that would be awesome too!! Jorge
  2. Thanks for the comments, yes these bags are really BIG compared to the nylon style bag....... by the way I'm just a collector, not a pilot, so it doesn't have patches. But I'm looking for a name tag for the velcro space, any idea is always welcomed. And if you have a blank nametag patch for sale, let me know please.
  3. Hi Everyone I would like to share some pics of my Flyers Helmet bags AH-64 Flyers Helmet bag
  4. Gee, that painting is AWESOME!!!!!
  5. Gee, that painting is AWESOME!!!!!
  6. Coat, Man's, W/R, Sateen, OG 107 made by TRENTON SPORTSWEAR INC. in 1966
  7. Just got it...... Desert tan Flight jacket CWU-45 made by Ashland Sales and Service Co..... thanks Mike!!!
  8. Did you see these pics in the link... it's an A-2 jacket form Orchard (the third jacket in the row), as far as I know they had a contract in 1992. And yeah I got a few nomex jackets, they are great too... check my other post with my flight jackets http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...howtopic=115278 By they way what plane did you fly?
  9. Thanks dmar836, yeahh I like that era.. check my other post http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...howtopic=115278 I hope you like it Regards Jorge
  10. Check this out http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread....USAF-Issue-A-2s
  11. Thanks for the info flightmac.. and well about the leather condition it looked wrinkled to me, but this must be due the goatskin.
  12. Gee... well but since you have been issued a jacket like this... what do you think about the leather condition of this jacket?? and do all the USAF issued jackets come with velcro on chest?
  13. No, as far as I know, it wasn't relined, .... these are photos of an A-2 jacket I'm thinking of buying... but I need some help and advise. Could you upload some pics of your jacket to compare, please? Thanks Jorge This is a pic of the spec tag
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