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  1. Here is a grouping I own to Sgt. Paul Froberg, who was KIA while serving in Detachment 101.
  2. USDog, thanks for your response. I spoke to the family member and yes, the veteran was Canadian serving in the FSSF.
  3. First off, this tag is not mine, however it is being offered for sale from a gentleman in Italy. I am posting this for the family member of the deceased veteran. I have no idea how much the guy in Italy is wanting to sell it to the family member. In everyone's opinion, is this a legit tag? This is the only picture that I have. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Allen, I believe that this is the same or similar style that was on Dick Winters 506th dress uniform at the SOS last year.
  5. Allan, outstanding collection!! Always enjoy seeing things that you post. As I mentioned earlier, I have seen only one (until you have posted your examples) 551st collar brass and it was block pattern in an officers estate. The only 509th I have seen was in a grouping that Bill Scott had at one time. Regards, Grant
  6. Kadet, nice set of block numbered 504th.
  7. Again, I am no expert, just my observations.
  8. Last set is to 1st Lt Herman Frick, 508th PIR. Again, you can see the numbers are attached to the front of the bar.
  9. Here is another set I own on the uniform of 2nd Lt. Charles K. Lumpkin. Mr. Lumpkin jumped into Normandy with HQ Co, 2nd Batt, 501st PIR and later would receive a battlefield promotion and was transferred to the 506th.
  10. Here is another set of 506th collar brass that I own which belonged to Capt. Joe Daughty, G co. 506th PIR. Plus, a picture of Mr. Daughty holding one. You can see where the numbers are attached to the front of the bar.
  11. Tonomachi, I am just saying that it is of my opinion based on all of the examples which I have received directly from WW2 vets or have seen in documented veteran groupings have all been the same with the numbers attached to the front on the bar and not on top. I am by no means an expert on these, just my observations over the years. Maybe someone else, more knowledgeable can weigh in on the topic.
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