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  1. Been busy again then Scott!! Great medals. Did they come with the newspaper pieces or have you sourced them? Cheers. Rob
  2. Here's another one. If you DO try heat, use a small soldering iron on the actual substance to see if it melts. That way you can be more precise and avoid damaging the medal.
  3. If heat causes to many problems then try freezing it. It may make it brittle enough to chip away at it.....
  4. I would pass. The name checks out to a 15th AAF gunner KIA but I have serious doubts that this is his posthumous government engraved Purple Heart. The engraving is sloppy and a bit naive which in itself is not a massive issue BUT I would not expect to see serifs on the letters of a legitimately engraved piece. The other big problem for me is the over use of the dots. I would only expect to see one after the middle initial and that's it. Here's one from my collection to illustrate the point. The heavy guidelines are also a red flag for me . Hope this helps. Rob
  5. It looks like government pantograph. Letters were stamped and not engraved. I believe that it was used for a very short period (a couple of months?) late in ww2 to help cope with the high demand for posthumous medals.
  6. I also agree that this is a government large machine engraving. Not sure if it's my eyes but the middle letters of "CHARLIE" seem to rise slightly?
  7. Looks to me to be a private engraving. Pictures a little grainy but looks like an old engraving. I have never seen an officially hand engraved medal with that font, the serifs are a giveaway for me. Rob
  8. This one reminds me of the style used by a known "embellisher" from Florida if memory serves me correctly. I can't remember the details but it just rang a bell. Hopefully someone else can chime in on this one. No pun intended! Rob
  9. Fantastic Air Medal and a rare find. Is your man buried in the Cambridge American Cemetery? Rob
  10. I've had a few of these in the past but have sold them now. I kind of get where you are coming from though. I think there is something about them that I can't put my finger on. To me they seem to bridge the gap between WW2 medals and the modern ones, also they do look good with the clear cases and the actual medals are still of a good quality. Sometimes you just get strangely attached to certain items. Maybe I'm just talking out my rear.
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