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  1. The serial number is stamped in the frame rail behind the left front tire near where the brake hose goes through the frame Autocar and Diamond T serial numbers will tell you the model White serial numbers will not. The acceptance dates were not stamped on half track data plates just the serial number, ordnance number, manufacturer and model LEE
  2. My Dad Leo T Minton U.S.M.C. combat engineer 1969-1977 And his Dad Leo F Minton U.S. Army 1942-1942
  3. Here is a living history display my brother and I did at Eisenhower's farm in Gettysburg PA.
  4. Here Ya Go Bob Here are two different brands of salt tablets the Mine Safety Appliances brand are the ones in this kit
  5. The pamphlet is not in my kit. I did'nt know one existed untill the pictures you posted Craig ! The only thing I can think of is because the kit and its useage is described in the medical manuals the US did'nt include the booklet in their kits ???? Here it is out and open. Here is my M2 kit
  6. Hey Bob here is my M1 jungle first aid kit I believe it to be unissued as it came wrapped and sealed in paper. All the bottles are dated 1942 as well as the carlisle bandage. It has one empty unmarked pill bottle in position #7 The sulfadiazine tablets are in the small brown cardboard box. There are eight tablets inside sealed in paper.
  7. I don't know much about his service other than he was medically discharged right before going overseas. He passed away in 1983 I believe. This is his brother (my Grandfather) receiving the bronze star.
  8. Found this while moving my collection from one room to another.
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    Here Ya Go :thumbsup:
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