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  1. Not sure if this is actually military or not but it appears to be similar to the WWI sharpshoot pins except for the dates. Is it military? Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. This is a June 1945 photo of what is identified as an E7 female Marine, looking for confirmation as to the identification? Would an E7 female be called a Gunny back in WWII?
  3. I came across a box of around 100 military patches but not being a patch collector I am not sure if they are real or reproductions. I have checked them with a black light and none of them fluoresce a bright blue but they do appear to have a dull white fluorescence. I will post each major group showing front and back and perhaps you can advise me as to how to further identify them. I do not think they have much value even as real but would like to know. Here is the first set which are Air Force patches
  4. Any idea of possible age or value?
  5. Here is a 5th AF patch, not sure of the age so I started it in the AAF section. I am assuming this may be a theater made patch but the problem is that the patch is a little over 4 inches in diameter, kind of big for a shoulder patch. Was this just something made up to sew on a jacket?
  6. Great information thanks everyone for the help. I have another strange patch that I will put in a new post....
  7. Need some help on this CBI patch, it looks real but considering all the fakes floating around thought I would check on this one. Any info would be of great help. Thanks
  8. Thanks Keith, do not know if it makes that much difference but the stirrups are brass...
  9. The McClellan saddle was adopted by the US War Department in 1859 and used up through WWII. I am trying to identify the possible maker and the possible age or model. One of the brass tabs/plates has a set of initials, FNVE, perhaps the makers mark. There are also some numbers stamped on a piece of the lather on the saddle. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Trying to identify the approx. date of these photos I picked up, and something about the Mark-XX radar. The only information with the photos is that it is US Marine Corps and the model of the Searchlight Radar is the Mark-XX. The radar was developed in WWII and used to control searchlights that spotted nighttime air raid aircraft for the Anti-aircraft batteries. I was able to trace the searchlight radar on the internet but the information stops at the Mark 9, no mention of a Mark-10. Any information about the possible dating of the photos and the Mark 10 searchlight radar would be apprecia
  11. I have this set of Marine Corps radar related photos and am trying to determine the dates of the photos. No other info except what you see on the photos. I researched the various pieces of radar equipment and they were developed in WWII but not sure if the photos are actually from WWII. Is there anything else you see that may help figure out the dates? I can post closeups of individual photos if you need them.
  12. Need some help with identifying this helmet, not sure about the webbing design inside. Any help appreciated...
  13. OK, thanks, at least I know it is not US, I checked against an Israeli militaria site and it matches, thanks
  14. Trying to ID this helmet liner, not sure if it is even US. No marking except the embossed symbols on the inside edge. Seems to have some wear from use. no chin strap. Any help to ID and figure out the approx. age. Thanks
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