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    Used to be flying as a Commercial Pilot, owned a Gun Shop that specialized in WW II equipment and arms. Collecting WW II parachutes and any item from WW II up through Viet Nam. All till I was diagnosed with ALS and now Breast Cancer which the VA conceeds Agent Orange the culprit. But I love my WW II stuff and Norden Bomb Sights really get my attention. I have had up to 5 in the shop and now down to 1 but will not sell that one till I get a few more. This one is a 1942 so may have seen some action but hard to tell.
  1. I have a 100% original bring back from WWII parachute first aid kit that has never been opened. I am going to get rid of it as I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's recently and now join the ranks of a 100% disabled vet. But anyway I have the kit and it has a red Red Cross painted on it. It is in good condition and after buying and selling WWII stuff since 1976 I can tell the fakes and the real ones. I will not open it for any reason but there is no way it has ever been opened and rescaled without giving it away. If anyone is interested shoot me an email piperl4@aol.com I will be happy to send any
  2. By the way Bob at vintage who has been a dear friend for many years has very serious health issues and does not build up rigs anymore.
  3. I have a real deal well marked and documented A3 with the correct harness both with yellow band. There is nothing on this rig that is not 100% USGI. If anyone has an interest I am going to part with it. Piperl4@aol.com and I can send pics. It has the white silk canopy but I am not going to pop it as I am sure it has never been out of the tray. A bird Col Army owned it.
  4. Sorry to have missed all the fun but am now a 100% disabled vet with Lou Gehrig's. I have just got back to playing with the Nordens. I have grabbed the last 3 on eBay for an average of 1500.00 so that is about the going rate for a pretty much perfect sight. The statement about the prices for the Army vs Navy still goes as the Navy sights are just not bringing the price of the Army Air Forces sights. You can trace the cost of buying and selling using piperflitfire as I pretty much buy anyone that is bought or sold as I still think they are a great investment for the future. I just had a great c
  5. I have 12 of them and have been buying and selling Nordens since the 70's when they were a couple hundred. Now I can hardly buy one for under 1500 and even at that it will be a rough one. I sell an average of 2 to 3 a month and ship them all over the world. The interest in Nordens has really gone up over the past couple years which has driven the price up. heguns.com is where I have some of the ones I have listed. Ebay has been the cheapest way I have seen to get a Norden by far. I have seen one that would go for 2000 on the open market go for just over a thousand on Ebay as it is only a 5 sec
  6. Need help guys there is a post on here somewhere that had about 8 pictures of the white T5 Parachutes and had Kiska in the post but I have searched and searched and been unable to get back to where I was. It is not the one with the smoke jumpers with the white parachutes but actual pictures of just the T5 by itself. If someone finds it can you email me piperL4@aol.com I would appreciate it. Thanks Dave
  7. Looking for others that are interested in the Norden Bomb Sights. I have managed to get up to 10 in my collection now and have gotten pretty good at restoring them back to at least workable condition. I have included pictures of 6 of my completed ones but I am still missing a Remington Rand manufactured one. The one on the top left took me 3 days to totally restore as every bit of paint was gone and it had a huge layer of dirt and dust on it. It now powers up and the gyro spins up great. I only have 2 Stabilizers so am always looking to trade for more of them. I have only 2 reflex sights and h
  8. being developed by the Navy and later introduced to the Army any Norden can end up in any airplane. I have 12 Norden Bombsights and am only lacking the remington Rand of having one of each manufacture plus the X1 reflex head on 4 of them. I especially like the Victor Adding Machine company ones as there must have been a reason it was selected for the Enola Gay. It also had the reflex head on it. I have seen some of my logs go from Navy to Army and the other way. As far as the mechanics they are the same. The biggest problem is after the war a lot of them were distroyed and data plates removed
  9. Regarding fakes, when buying VC flags on Ebay there is one hard and fast rule. They are not real!!! easy They are not real!!! you can swear you can bet but I can tell you after seeing real ones that anyone that does have a real one paid in blood for it, and will never let it go unless in a sale after their death or estate sale. Even then so many guys have bought the same flag from the same VC unit that ever darn one of them would have had to be wagging a flag as they ran out of the jungle. Every time I see one for sale I alwasy has the seller for the history of the flag and it is amazing how m
  10. Why anyone would even want to try to make a reproduction T5 is beyond me. There are about 5 people out there makeing them now and none of them is making a killing. I have baught many of them just to see the quality that they are producing. I have the one that has been on Ebay forever and I intend to leave it their forever. While I will make no negative remarks about it take a look at it 170713441349 is the number on Ebay. Then I have one from Vintage Parachutes 170720939774 that has a complete WW II silk canopy all original hardware and a originals frame I supplied the canvas work is done by h
  11. I have a number of T5's and every other chute used in WW II but I wanted to see what a reproduction looked like for some displays I wanted to set up and not have 5000.00 tied up in it. So I ordered a T5 chest pack from a Company that I do not think I could say on here but was not in the United States. What I got was the most horrable looking reproduction that could be made. There was not a single square inch of it that anyone took any time to do a quality job on. I paid 397.00 for it knowing I could have bought the same in FL from a guy who makes a very nice one but you never know what is out
  12. Flightmedic, First Welcome Home, You are so right on that. A lot of us cannot afford 1000+ for original parachutes or just the darn trays so there is a market and needs to be one for good reproductions. Bob sells a nice one with foam for 249.95 and I think that is a fair price considering the work the man puts in and his quality is as good as it gets. No one is perfect. I have gotten a number of items from him and he stamps his QC stamp on everything and if you know his stamp then you know its a reproduction. Here is a good one. I have maybe 6 chest packs that have all original hardware, origi
  13. Maybe I can help I have a number of original T5's laying around that I could take pictures of. If you are going to make reproductions the labor is very intense as I have done them for myself and some friends but to make money at it is a differant story. Bob gets 249.00 for a very nice T5 but even Bob who I consider to be a very wonderful and gracious man, Just saying that in case someone wanted to bash Bob, as he has helped me out a number of times. I have what I would consider to say a very nice and extensive collection of WW II parachutes. There are a couple of things that most people that a
  14. I was trying to upload pics of my T5 that I got repacked this weekend, came out nice but my pictures are to big. Really nice as it has the original log book and survival book. I have two more T5 Trays and going to pack one tomorrow with 24ft silk. I have only 2 harneses but 3 parachutes so looking for another harness. Thanks Dave
  15. 7/31/2011 I have several T5 parachutes and harness and would be willing to take any pictures needed. Mine are original not replicas so correct to a T. The only thing I have done is go in the chest pack and change out the rubbers as the last change was in 1945. The silk was perfect and the parachute looked brand new. I have 7 24ft silk parachutes in mint condition with lines and buckels if anyone need something like that instead of putting foam in side. Of course the foam is cheaper. I also have numerious AN6510 seat packs for those fighter pilot buffs. Then if you are into hardware I have a g
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