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    WANTED: US Admiral's, General's, and/or highly decorated servicemen uniforms, medals and groupings. Also interested in famous servicemen's uniforms.
    SPECIAL INTEREST: We are doing a display this summer and would like to acquire unforms that belonged to Medal of Honor recipients. Will buy groupings or entire collections. Please write with your items.

    Thank you

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  1. Any insight would be appreciated ... was this type of engraved presentation a standard model with a manufacturer or is it a one off made by a local seller?
  2. Makes sense ... I cannot find a later formal surrender so this must be one of the last ... which makes it unique... both in timing and location. Thanks.
  3. One site mentions little pockets of Japanese holdouts surrendering on and after December 1, 1945 (2 months and 27 days) ... but when was the last formal Japanese surrender ceremony ? Was Tsingtao China one of the last?: Perhaps the last?
  4. I have seen many of the "I attended" documents but I have not seen one 1 month and 23 days AFTER the formal Japanese surrender on September 2, 1945. Anyone seen similar late surrenders? Later surrenders? By the way, the Japanese surrendered to Marine 6th Division General Lemuel Shepard, Jr and future Commandant. Any insight would be appreciated.
  5. Everyone is familiar with presentation Navy swords with the elaborate fittings and sometimes embellished blade engravings but what I have never seen before is what seems to be a standard 1852 style U.S. Navy sword with fancy swirling engraving in the brass fittings of the scabbard. Were fancy upgraded presentation scabbards sold by the famous sword manufacturers or is this just a one-off custom engraving done by the local shop? The blade is 3/4" so dates post-1872. Working on dating the sword to the actual year made. Does anyone have sword catalogues that would show
  6. I don't know the players involved nor their history with this forum, so as a neutral party with fresh eyes scanning this auction I noticed many famous figures represented but most without any provenance and mostly unnamed items. Perhaps you must attend the auction to see the name tags, engravings and provenance?
  7. Photo of General Patton's WWii Jeep ... this came from the Army directly to the Army Quartermaster Museum ... no third party involved.
  8. Patton's late WWII Jeep is at the Quartermaster Museum at Ft. Lee VA. It still has the Mercedes seat that he found more comfortable. And yes .... they have complete provenance The curator gave me a tour which included an up close look at the Jeep. Great museum ... I recommend a visit.
  9. Just a quick observation, not judging either way, but shouldn't there be a slight shine to the Black Widow Navy Cross and the ribbon looks new?
  10. Same person .... he is heavier on the right,
  11. Robert, are you buying us all lunch for this nice talk? haha. I will say that on more than one occasion i have driven six hours round trip just to have lunch with Robert. Each time a worthwhile and insightful meal (and he even paid)
  12. I second that. Robert is one of the finest contributors to the field of Militaria I have had the pleasure to meet over the past 40 years.
  13. I have spoken to vets who did not like anyone any of his nephews or nieces and did not want his items going to them.. so they sold them. In other circumstances, the vet said that a future relative will just sell them anyway... he may as well spend the money (VERY TRUE statement indeed).
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