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  1. Hello to you, Model of Japanese manufacturing, a version rather rare to find.
  2. Hello to you Your model is one of the 2 made version Vietnam
  3. Hello to you, CN-GI - Navy Cross - Armed Forces Reserve Medal (model - Coast Guard) Volupte, Inc. - Good Conduct Medal (model -USMC) - Vietnam Service Medal
  4. Thank you for your teufelhunde.ret answer, there has so much variant, model for the same period
  5. Hello to you, It is good of what I thought thank you for having to confirm my thought Bobgee.
  6. EGA with 2 typical ties turn of the screw period Vietnam but for which custom.
  7. Hello to you, This EGA is a model of 1937 ', it is bent at the level of the anchor and on the high part. No manufacturer's marking on this EGA
  8. Hello to you, I possess this model in my collection coming from a veteran of Korea.
  9. Bonjour à tous, Pour Médaille du service de l'Antarctique, il ya au moins trois fabricants cette périodes Volupté Inc - 3 modèles - Modèle en papier - Modèle en boîte de 10/64 (démarquer tranche "V") - Modèle en boîte 5/69 (marquage sur la broche) E & M SIMON - 1 modèle LI-GI - 1 modèle
  10. hello you, The manufacturer is PIGI " Princeton Industries manufacture government Inspectes 1960' approximately" fred
  11. Hello to all On the upper left anchor not the point of the model M55 ', I think of a model after war of the year 50 ' but no marking manufacturer.
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