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Tony V

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  1. Bill Excellent grouping ! Congratulations and thank you for sharing. Tony
  2. Leigh Congratulations, it does look to be a good original. Tony
  3. SKIP Congratulations! Good looking pictures. Tony
  4. Robin Excellent find ! Congratulations, just a beauty. Tony
  5. Marv Great work! And thank you for helping everyone. Nice to learn something new every day. Thank you Tony
  6. robin Excellent restoration ! Congratulations and thank you for the posting. Tony
  7. Congratulations on a job well done ! Tony
  8. Congratulations! Looks like a real beauty. Tony
  9. kaydee Wonderful collection ! Thank you for sharing. Tony
  10. Welcome aboard! Congratulations on a very nice find. Tony
  11. Dennis Absolutely wonderful ! Thank you for sharing Tony
  12. Eric Excellent pickup! Thanks for sharing. Tony
  13. Just beautiful ! Tony
  14. barry Nice addition to your collection. Thank you for sharing. Tony
  15. Congratulations ! Great early example. Thanks for sharing Tony
  16. Very nice ! Thank you for sharing Tony
  17. pararaftanr2 Thank you Tony
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