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  1. Starting in season 2, they were changed from 196th LIB to MACV to enable them more flexibility with the story lines. First season ratings were low and they tried to get a female audience in the following seasons by incorporating a female cast. Most people regard seasons 2 and 3 as godawful. The show budget was reduced, they moved from filming in Hawaii to filming on the old MASH tv set. It's best to just watch the first season and pretend the following 2 seasons never happened.
  2. It was the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge. I worked as an extra on it. Hard work but great fun!
  3. If you're in Europe it's Eastman https://www.eastmanleather.com/ If you're in the USA it's Goodwear. http://www.goodwearleather.com/ Everything else is a poor imitation imo.
  4. May 2020 https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tom-hanks-greyhound-ghostbusters-morbius-movies-get-2020-release-1179442
  5. Korean knock-off Vietnam jungle boots too?
  6. The Platoon documentary is already completed and titled Brothers in Arms, I think. I did contact Mr. Sanchez beforehand about the vest and sent him pics; he just thanked me for being a fan. Oh, well.
  7. I learned Chris Pedersen is really hard to contact. I was able to contact Mr. Galloti about the jacket and he says it appears to be the one Chris wore. I'm hoping the Paul Sanchez Platoon documentary that comes out soon will have new behind the scenes pics.
  8. Navy Seals inventory for sure. I doubt it was used too often though, but the Navy UDT-Seal museum in Florida has one on display with their Vietnam era weapons.
  9. That is because the tip is not flat in the still, it is folded up. You can't match the pattern via the collar as he wears it folded up in a odd way. You can see this clearly in the bluray version of the movie.
  10. There's no Hollywood tag in the collar but remember Platoon was a very low budget movie financed by a British company. What convinced me this is legit was watching the bluray in HD. Unfortunately I don't have screen cap for my player, but you can see the pattern matches exactly, especially around the 1st Cav patch. You can just make out the airborne mikeforce patch too.
  11. No extra "finds" in the pockets sadly. Interestingly the shirt is a size small regular, making we wonder if all the actors were small sized as well.
  12. Found this via a thrift store in California. I'm fairly certain it was used in Platoon for the "tracks of my tears" scene in the bunker. The stripes and insignia match upon viewing the film. It's just a cheapo 1980's bdu style shirt but the insignia's look legit plus "Crawford" wore it. lol.
  13. Sam's Circus ? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0284454/
  14. I won a tanker jacket and still haven't received anything either and i live in the USA.
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