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  1. Hi Randy Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it Tony
  2. Hello What are your thoughts on this patch? I was thinking ( airborne early warning)? 4 inches across in size 1950s-60s? Thank you Tony
  3. WW2 Medic Armbands US/German? · I think the top is a US armband but the bottom is German? · I know many of these armband were Universal, it’s hard to say what country it belong to. · I can’t recall seeing a medic armband with a SA Gruppe Thuringia ink stamp? * Possibly stationed in Thuringia after the war? Thank you Tony
  4. Hello These tabs were a flea market pick-up. No history with them unfortunately Thank you for the help and information Tony
  5. Hello What period are these tabs? I was thinking VN era or post? theater made? I could not find anything to compare them to. Thank you Tony
  6. Hello Thank you very much Tony
  7. Hello What are your thoughts on this patch? 3.50 x 3.50 inches I tried looking for another for comparison but came up short. Thank you Tony
  8. Hello Thank you very much for the help Tony
  9. Hello What are your thoughts on this cross? KW or VN era? I was leaning towards 1960s? Thank you Tony
  10. Hello What exactly are these pins? Victory pins or big 3 meeting ? Thank you Tony
  11. Hello What are your thoughts on this tunic/ Its named to a Capt Daniels private purchase The AF HQ patch is white. I have never seen this before. I have seen the reverse colored version before. Thank you Tony
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