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  1. That is a WWI watch cap, and it will sell for more then a WWII version.
  2. We are now looking at within the next 24 hours of the move happening.
  3. The Florida looks like the series that is coming out of VN now where they have made one from every state that was part of CCN
  4. There are no good books on either subject, unless you can find the Japanese Zippo publications from the 90's, I believe it is a three or four volume set. The only other book, that I know of is the Schiffer publication on Vietnam Zippos and the majority of what is shown in it are copies made within the last 30 years in Vietnam but the author thought were real.
  5. a red horse unit wouldn't be this big or this type construction.
  6. Have dealt with Liveauctioneers many times and have had my bid not register. It is not the auctions fault it is the program liveauctioneers uses. I have seen a few times where I thought my bid won, only to find out later the item sold to someone there in person. Now I don't screw around and hesitate placing my bids, once the item opens I keep bidding until I reach my limit. Haven't had a problem since.
  7. Saw your report on the photos for sale.

    What is the problem with the posting?



    1. abqpropguy


      I am so sorry, no there is nothing wrong I just started pushing buttons and didn’t realize what I did until after I did it. Humble apologies thanks for responding back

  8. The winged help and boot is a generic airborne novelty piece. There is a also a Japanese made version, Marines used on tour jackets.
  9. Not sure if Kamo-man had posted this set before but there is no copy of it. This set is the first experimental / test set from Ben Baker that he had made for Ciso.
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