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  1. In case some had missed the announcement
  2. Hasn't this helmet either been shown here before or on WAF?
  3. It was never worn, it was the image on the "calling Card" or decal. Patch is embroidered way post WWII.
  4. Everything that seller has is fake. All the patches he has listed in his book are fakes also. There is no way Anton that your photo "slipped" into his listing by accident, that would just be impossible on so many levels. I have cleaned up this thread and have re-opened it. If it stays on track it will stay open.
  5. They were not made in Japan, they were made in Thailand.
  6. There are no threads on this subject. It's one of those subjects that you have had to study and know who was making what and when they were making it.
  7. Like I said in the pm , this 101st was made for collectors in Thailand. They made one for every unit that was attached to the 101st in Vietnam plus the regular variants.
  8. Japanese made in the 60's for collectors who couldn't afford a real one or if they just wanted a space filler.
  9. Mort- There is no clean cut way to explain except to look at photos and handle original pieces and learn the tell tales of each countries embroidery style. I am sure you could explain it as well as I could. Maybe you could explain what you think collectors would need to know and I can just add to it.
  10. Each helmet was hand painted for each unit. The job was not always given to the person who was the most artistic in the unit. Sometimes the screw-ups were given the job. Not all were done with stencils that is a collectors myth. Some were free handed painted. There was one unit that just the officer's wives painted the helmets.
  11. The airborne cap patch is 60's or later
  12. I was talking to Kammo-man today telling him I was looking for the rest of the costume house photos, and he reminded me that I had loaned them to him. Hopefully he will post some of them.
  13. I am looking for all my photos showing the captured uniforms and gear, but all I can find is this one right now. These are all captured US & ARVN flak vests just sitting on shelves in Hanoi. Can't add to the Communists factory theory as these never showed up on the market until Vietnam started opening up a bit and a few enterprising individuals went into all the prop / costume houses they could find in the North.
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