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  1. Jim McDuff could tell you all about these services. There was one for German made pieces also
  2. The t-shirt looks like a Stanley Mouse design.
  3. It is a patch that was made for wearing. This type of embroidery was super popular in the 30's-30's in civilian clothing. Since I bought it, I have thought it was Span-Am related but just wondered what it was made for.
  4. I have had this floating around from one box to another for awhile now. It is about eight inches tall. Thick chain stitched details and two or three layers on wool background. Any idea of why it was made or what it was made for? The scan does not do it justice as in person it is a killer looking patch.
  5. They match the same construction as the ones Garth posted. Does that mean that Garth's were fake?
  6. That is a great Japanese made Occupation jump jacket
  7. Mike and I were just talking about this a couple of weeks ago and mentioned how we have never seen a hand embroidered on we trusted. A few days later he brought it by the showroom. It is a killer.
  8. The civilian models of this were sold in the 1920's on. They were available in most department store catalogs and are called Ranch coats. There are also earlier versions of these used in WWI as flight jackets.
  9. There is nothing wrong with this jacket. The only thing I can see that is not original to the jacket are the replaced cuffs, big deal, that happens all the time with original jackets. I think the person who is telling you it is bad is giving you the wrong information, and maybe they should be outed for giving false information.
  10. Non-US item. You should start this thread on our sister site www.worldmilitariaforum.com
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