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  1. Hi Guys, Need some help on identifying this helmet. Is it indeed U.S. or something else? Any info is greatly appreciated, and Thanks in advance for all those who reply. -wagner-
  2. Thanks again guys for all the feedback. I'm pondering of letting it go as I collect german daggers. What would be a price range for one like this ? -wagner-
  3. Hi Guys, I got this flak vest from a vet and he told me it was issued for Arvin. The vest appears unissued. Any more details, on rarity or avaliablity on todays market would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance. -wagner-
  4. Korea, Makes sense as I was told he flew during that period also. Thanks 'Survival' and 'northcoastaero'.
  5. The paint on the Red Cross emblem is thick and heavy duty. Really neat.
  6. Hi Guys, This came from a estate of a B-29 pilot who flew missions over Japan in summer of 45. The kit is well made and the back flap is designed to attach over a web belt. Any help on what it really is and value would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance. Best of the Quest, -wagner-
  7. That's a World Class Man Cave to the Militaria hobbiest. Thanks for Sharing. -wagner-
  8. Hi Guys, I found these 2 cans which still feel like they are filled with water, in a vets grouping who served in the South Pacific in 1944/45. Can someone tell me more about when these were used, and any collector value would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance. -wagner-
  9. Thank You Manny. I would hate to split up an original grouping I got from the niece of the Vet. Yes, The jeep jacket, along with everything else, is in very nice condition, even the gloves. I just hate to split it up. Rather get less and let the next guy do it if necessary. Anyone care to guess what an estimation of value on the whole grouping? -wagner-
  10. Thanks for the info Sabrejet. :thumbsup: One of the caps is stamped with Army Air Force inside and out. The other has no stamping. Wonder why? Best of Quest, -wagner-
  11. All cloth items appear in near mint condition. -wagner-
  12. Hi Guys, I recently picked this grouping up and wanted to get more info about where this Sgt. served. Opinions on the ball-park value of the grouping will also be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -wagner-
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