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  1. I have known Allen 40 year and would tell him to his face it's a bad policy.Everyone runs their business they way they want and if that is his wishes so be it.He is still a dealer that has some really great items.Scotty
  2. My question would be why would anyone buy from someone who is afraid of anybody's opinions.If it's real it's real if it is proved fake it's fake you void a warranty by showing it to some one pure BS.Scotty
  3. As Wake 1941 stated they are all modern copies of originals.Scotty
  4. HHere is a comparison good one on the right bad one on the left.Looks Faded but real to me.In Dave Kaufmans Article on Insigne.org the fakes of the 802nd the lightning bolt where it enters the skull sits right next to the horn,the tongue does not have the right pointed looking tip, and the skull on the fake looks longer more elongated than the real one.As I said looks real to me.Scotty
  5. I do not care for it it looks to me like artificial aging to me.Scotty
  6. They are reproductions and have been around for quite awhile.I have never seen one with a backing and in hand they just do not feel right.Good eye Mort.Scotty
  7. To my eye it does not have the quality of a period piece like a casting instead of jeweler made.Ask Ron Burkey Flying Tiger Antiques a member of this forum he has handled several real ones.Scotty
  8. I bought one of the patch drapes that Bob bought and those two and 11 others are on it.I will get a photo shot tomorrow and show you which one.Thanks for your help as always,Scotty
  9. Need help with these two I can not find them in the books.Thanks for your time and thoughts.Scotty
  10. Toby this is the US Military Forum no Foreign Militaria allowed.Post it in the World Military Forum which is run by the same people that run this site For your answers.
  11. You are right as rain on this one here is a real one for comparison.Mort you have nothing to apologize for we all need people to question what is real and what's not.Bob and Gil have told me five times in the last three months that patches I put on ebay were fake.Keep questioning and commenting that's how we all learn.Some of the reproductions are so good we all need help.
  12. Mort no one is bad you are only bad if you don't say something and a piece of Garbage gets bought by someone.We all ask for each others help in finding out if stuffs real that's whats great about this forum.PS We All Still Love You.
  13. It looks 100% real to me I would buy it in a heart beat.Scotty
  14. Wake why do you think the 98th FA is repro just a question.
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