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  1. Agree with Allan all of my US made ones were Blue with cheesecloth backings.Scotty
  2. Fantastic Items With A good Home.Scotty
  3. It looks Brit made to me here is two on an uncut rectangle from a group with the same backing.Scotty
  4. Mort if you would sell a 187th like that for 200 dollars remember me I would pay 300 for one just like that.That is one neat looking 187th.Scotty
  5. There is no way on some piece to tell who, why, or when they were made and some are so good you still wonder if they are real.Your question like mine many times of any collectible is not an easy one to answer.I think it says more about you as a dealer that after several people said they did not like the item that you took it down.Scotty
  6. Some of the backs on ones I have sold.Scotty
  7. I agree with Gunslinger and Allan that the wing is not a good one.If in your mind the guys that told you its real and you are comfortable with their judgement keep it on your site.I was questioned just two weeks ago on an Airborne Style Command patch with the word Parachute in an arc and a Silk thread parachute on it.I believe it is an Italian made souvenir piece available to anyone that wanted to buy them and stated that in the listing.If the man that bought it sends it back I will happily refund his money we all make our own judgement with our items and live with those judgements.Scotty
  8. They both are real but the red brick one is more the norm.I would not hesitate to buy either at a dealer price.Scotty
  9. I knew If I Dug Deep Enough I Could Find It.I Think This Tab Has Been Floating Around For Almost 30 Years.Scotty
  10. And May God Hold Him In The Palm Of His Hand Rest In Peace Rest In Peace.To The Family Sorry For Your Loss.
  11. Looks Like A Variation Of The Disney Design For The 68th Tank Battalion.Scotty
  12. Great Looking Bunch Of Airborne History In Those Two Mounts,Thanks For Showing Them.It's Always Nice To Get An Old Mans Heart Pumping Early In The Morning.Scotty
  13. Rick if your collection was put in book form it would fill a Library.As I have said before thank you for your time and energy showing us some of the Rarest and most beautiful insignia on planet earth.Scotty
  14. Thanks Bob that's what I thought it might be.Scotty
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