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  1. Hi there, Just thought I might add a CBI uniform... Although CBI not really being my collecting interest, still a rather uncommon bullion wing. Regards, Michael
  2. Hi, I'd put an AN-H-16 flight helmet or even a B-6 helmet. Cheers, Mike
  3. Some B-5 helmets were issued with hooks (or re-issued). The hooks were added once the A-9 and A-10 standard oxygen masks became available. Helmets without the hooks had to use the "Juliet" to allow wear of these oxygen masks.
  4. If you take a look at my website, go to the USAAF flight helmet page and you'll find a similar helmet with Gosport tubes in place. This gives you an idea of what used to be on your flight helmet.
  5. These goggles look like a strange repro of RAF Mk II goggles... I don't really know how to call these but it looks like driving goggles. The paper notice (with Air Ministry markings) is just to fool people, to make the goggles look "vintage" Michael
  6. Hi, Helmet looks nice, goggles are definitely civilian issue (to me, at least). Probably "Resistance goggles"... Michael
  7. Hi Johan, Nice jacket, and a good size too! I like it a lot. Take care, Michael
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply! I was mainly looking for any example of a modified B type helmet. I already own several C type helmets (modified for USAAF use) but I recently acquired a plain B helmet with rigger made ear cups (similar to the vulcano type used by NAF crews). Btw, your combination looks very nice. The oxy mask is actually a H type mask, probably post-war. You can find the date in a small circle near the microphone. 1945 dated H type masks are rather scarce, much scrarcer than the G type mask. Anyway, great items Michael
  9. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I wanted to ask if anyone of you has pictures of British issue flight gear used by USAAF flyboys... Thanks a lot ! Michael
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