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  1. I found an old IMA sale page where they sold one for $1,200 with one rocket. James D. Julia sold one with no rockets for $1,348 two years ago. They're definitely getting harder to find.
  2. An antique shop had this. The lady said she cleaned out a vet's house and there were two of these, the other already sold. I've never seen one for sale out in the wild, so I couldn't pass it up. It's been demilled with a large hole cut in the side and a large nail welded in the tube. I have an M9 bazooka and this one is so much bigger and beefier, the difference is astounding. The rockets I've had for 25+ years. Currently for sale in the sales forum. Check it out.
  3. Is there any general interest in old model boxes? I have 2-3 dozen from the '60s and '70s that are mostly empty that I need to get rid of. Do folks actually collect them?
  4. I'm currently out of town so I can't show you pics of the lugs. As for the nut, I just found one that was close to the correct size (you might have to experiment with that so get several nuts of slightly different sizes) and used the thread tap to get the right threading.
  5. Just picked this up. Unable to find any info on him, unfortunately. His records were probably lost in the '73 fire. '42 dated, rubberized.
  6. Thanks guys! I'll be putting it up for sale shortly.
  7. Just picked up this 1st Cav. Ike with some extras. Uniforms aren't really my thing but it looks correct to me. Can anyone help me with the value from such a grouping? It's not IDed, unfortunately.
  8. Let me know if you need any measurements.
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