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  1. Nice Helmet... Love the tape job! Alot nicer than the one I posted yesterday!
  2. What a story... cherish everyday. Best of luck restoring he ol' seat. I'll keep an eye out for parts for you!
  3. Thanks for the help! I agree this seat is more than likely used on a varient A-3,,, probably a trainer or something. I'll keep on researching this one... still a neat find.
  4. Wow, although the data plate states F-80, it does look like the T-33 seat. Not sure what I'll do with it, but it has a good home here with me. Thanks for the link guys.
  5. I bought this one along with the F-80 seat at the sme estate sale. Any info regarding this one would be helpful... I know its not an ejection since the A-3 did not have them.
  6. I found this seat along with another which I'll post later on at an estate sale. Any ideas or comments regarding it's aircraft orgin. Data plate states F-80 type a/c. Seat is mounted onto a steel base which is removable.
  7. I was looking through CL and found this helmet. Called the lady and told her I wanted it without even looking at it in person. I met up with her and gave her the asking price of $25. Pretty good find I must say. Good condition, has oxy set up + mask, mic + earphones, visor, helmet bag plus flight gloves. Any comments or suggestions what era this is from. Always like seeing/hearing what others have to say. Probably worth more than $25 bucks... :w00t:
  8. Nice pictues... Been to Lackland several times, one of my fav places.
  9. Great Pics, I like the tweets in the one pic. Cool Stuff indeed!
  10. Nice Pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. I see a old C-47 flying daily from my office... pretty cool stuff! For $1000/hr you can ride in one... lol
  11. Great Pics! Love the F-4... and its distinct sound!
  12. Yeah, without doing to much research, I've always thought it was a repro,,, but its always been for fun to assume it was the Real McCoy. The artist wrote his name on the back but did not date it. His name is JOHN SCHUMICK. I goggled him and called him up. He remembered painting Bombin' Betti but could not remember when. All he said was it was during the war. He said he painted many planes at the age of 18 when he was in the service. Up until his death he painted many repro's but nothing like this one. I really enjoyed talking with him and listening to his stories. Anyways, I do agree its
  13. Thanks for sharing this story... pretty interesting stuff there. I appreciate your comments!
  14. I've often wondered the same, but never have found any evidence of why. Thanks for the comment!
  15. I thought I'd share my Bombin' Betti noseart piece that I've had for a few years. Pretty cool piece of art and something you don't see very often. I have 'er hanging proudly in my war room. I'm not totally sure what type of plane she is off of though. Any ideas? My personal guess is a B-17???
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