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  1. Hi Cliff and Patrick: Thank you fellows very much for the comments. I am very glad to have a good example of this badge. Kindest Regards, John
  2. Hi Cliff: Thank you for that great information on the history of your badge and the maker of the piece! You stated that your badge was identical. Does your badge then also have the recessed area behind the airship? Kindest Regards, John
  3. Hello Everybody: May I please have opinions on these Airship Wings? The badge has been coated (not by me) with what appears to be laquer. Thank You, John
  4. Thank you fellows for showing these beautiful wings. I believe my favorite wings are the bombardier wings, but then again I like finely feathered patterns and I always get a new thrill by finding something that I have not owned. John
  5. I would think the collection will have wings, early belt plates, early cap plates and more as I know he had these attributed to him in books I have read. I would love to get at least a lot or two from the collection for myself but if I do not life goes on. John
  6. My pictures sometimes come out dark, but then again this wing has some patina. Here is another shot that hopefully comes out a bit brighter. These wings are sure impressive in hand with the detail to the feathering. John
  7. Hi Paul: Thank you for those pictures. I can see that the wings that John posted appear to have a seperate shield and I am speculating that your shield is a seperate piece also? John
  8. Hello Jon, Paul and John: Thank you fellows very much for the observations. John
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