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  1. I'd love to get my hands on a few of these. I'm sure shipping would be atrocious though.
  2. Great post sgtpeter. I may pick it up after all.
  3. Here's my question about the water can. I found one at a local antiques dealer to day for a great price. The problem though, is that someone has had it filled with gasoline at one time or another. When you open it you can smell it pretty bad. So I guess now is the actual question, is it possible to make this safe to hold potable water again? Or since there has been fuel in it am I just SOL and need to keep looking?
  4. Do you guys think this is Pre WWII, WWII or post WWII?
  5. Lots of re-enactors at the following site. http://ww2reenactors.proboards.com/index.cgi?
  6. Hey everyone! I just picked this up at a garage sale yesterday.I think it may be a bed roll or sleeping bag of some sort but I have never seen one like this before. The tag is very hard to read but I can make out a date of 1925 (I think). Does anyone know what this is for sure? It has a HBT outer shell with a blanket like bag inside it with two little gray flaps near the top, also a bit of fabric that looks kind of like a built in pillow case or something similar. Any help is greatly appreciated, now on to the pictures...
  7. You can get cork from J. Murray Inc. small bag for $5 and a large bag for $25 click HERE for cork
  8. I know this is an old thread but here is one of mine. A quick question for all of you, both of my lockers have 3 bays in the trays instead of two like all the others I have seen. Is this just a variant or do I have a civilian set of trays/lockers?
  9. Ok did some quick searching ribbons: National Defense Ribbon, WWII Army of Occupation Ribbon, United Nations Ribbon with 3 battle stars, United Nations (UN) Korean ,Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation. Right arm patch seems to be 31st Chemical Brigade Patch
  10. Right sleeve looks like 7th I.D. and the close up of the button looks like signal corps. Someone who knows more will have better help. Great jacket by the way!!
  11. Just picked this up last week. Looks to be in great shape. The stamp is pretty hard to see though. I think it would be great to eventually get one from every manufacturer for a display. Also I can't tell if the grommet was never put in or if it just came out at some point.
  12. Thanks for all the positive comments guys!! Iwas excited and nervous about this one since I didn't due a ton of research on knives before I got it. Overall seems like I got a great piece, I love the ID stamp!
  13. Just had this show up at the house and I am very excited about it! The photos make it look a little worse than it really is. Overall it is in pretty good shape and the handle is in a lot better shape than what shows. What do you all think?
  14. Give it a week and someone from Italy may "find" one! :thumbsup:
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