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  1. Zobel is not the man, and Byers and Dwight don't show up in the history of 131st Inf. So need to look some more, Thanks to all Steve McG
  2. Beast many thanks I think Arthur A. Zobel is the man, will check 33d Div history tonite, Thanks again Steve McG
  3. Trying to find out which units in AEF used codenames "Chase" and "Elmo" in Oct 1918. Also looking for ID on officers Zobel. Byers, and Dwight, all apparently assigned to "Chase" TIA Steve McG
  4. Fantastic image of the Dodge staff car! One of the most common used in the AEF. Steve McG
  5. Pre WW1 Bacon Chest, I believe it is pictured in the 1916 Quartermasters manual. Nice find!
  6. My Book " Images from Over There: Personal photography of America's Expeditionary Forces in WW1 and Occupation" " was released 28 November. It is a critical examination of some 150 images of Doughboys taken in the AEF and Army of Occupation. Available at reduced price for now on Amazon. Stephen C. McGeorge
  7. Agree 100 % with Bert..... always check them out for notes, marginalia, and signatures!!!!!
  8. Thanks Brian I have the press release but file is too big to upload as a post here. Hope you like it. Steve McG
  9. "Images from Over There: Personal Photography of America's Expeditionary Forces in WWI and Occupation" releases 28 November. Published by Schiffferbooks it is available on Amazon for pre order at about 17 dollars versus the regular list price of $24.99 . It is a study of some 150 photos of AEF soldiers as they appeared when making the world safe for democracy. If I was smarter I would post the press release but you can see it on Amazon now! Stephen C. McGeorge
  10. The Lt with Gen Bullard is Lt Guy Shirey his aide. Steve McG
  11. When the Ghost walks is pretty obscure, more common were "when the eagle screams' or "When the eagle SH-ts " Steve McG
  12. There are about 20+ denomination codes used in WW2 I just can't find my source.... Steve McG
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