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  1. This is wonderful, what a great post! I truly enjoyed reading it, great job in keeping her history alive. Best wishes! Joe
  2. Hello Jeff! Thank you very much for your kind offer, I'll compile a list and post the type, year and number here so that the Forum may also benefit from your generosity! My best wishes to you always, Joe
  3. Hello Allan! Thank you for your very kind words, I'm very glad that you enjoyed this thread. Yes, I've long dealt with both Jeff and Andrew over the years, buying from and selling to them (much more buying than selling on my part..ha!). Both are very honest and impeccable dealers, many fine pieces in my collection has come from them. My highest recommendation and regard to both. I'll most certainly post the 1st Class Gunner, just need a little time to get to it. Thank you again, such feedback as yours is what keeps us all posting! Joe
  4. Thank you Jeff, If I recall correctly I obtained my only attributed example from you! I appreciate the input, thanks for stopping in and commenting. Best wishes to you, have a safe and great July 4th holiday! Joe
  5. Thank you Andrew!! I appreciate the input! Very interesting that the silver grade wasn't until 1892, which happen to be the earliest date on my silver examples. This info is very helpful, my best to you always! Joe
  6. Thank you Mike, I appreciate you stopping in and commenting. I was really captivated by their design and construction. After I acquired my first MVM Marksman badge I was bit by the bug! My best wishes to you! Joe
  7. Hello Allan! Thank you for your interest. Originally I had only posted seeking info on these, but you make a very good point that I should show some detail photos. I did a random scanning of some of the badges so they would be a bit clearer. Note the differences in the "Marksman" lettering as well as the height of the suspension bar itself. These variations are no doubt the result of different makers. Some are maker marked, most are not. So far I have silver and bronze examples, not sure there was a gold, if there is I hope to obtain one some day. These are very well made badg
  8. Hi Kat! Thank you for stopping by! They are really intriguing. I'm hoping that there is a database out there that might connect these badges to those who earned such a distinction. My best to you! Joe
  9. Hello Phil, Thank you for the encouraging words. I do hope to find out more. I now need to go back to Ancestry and see if I can find more info under Sophie Place. She's been quite elusive so far, but hopefully I'll be able to add more to her story. In most cases when researching a veteran I don't stop with their military service. I don't post it here since it would go off topic, but it makes for a more emotional approach to looking at the whole person and their life. I've found some very fascinating lives post-military service! My best wishes! Joe
  10. Hello All! I hope you are well and healthy. I've been long collecting these very distinct qualification badges for some time. I really enjoy the design, with date numbered bullets. Many are numbered on the back of the pin area and I've been wondering if there is any resource that connects those numbers to the veteran who earned it. I'm doubtful, but if there's a chance of finding such a resource it would be on this forum. Any input or clue would be greatly appreciated! Best wishes to all, a very Happy July 4th Holiday to all, be safe and enjoy!
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