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    US and worldwide parachute insignia, badges and wings.
    I am especially interested in older US parachute badges that are maker marked. Also USAF 1956-1963 shield shaped parachute badges.

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  1. Having tracked this type badge for a number of years, I can say in my experience that it is relatively rare. I have seen this badge sell for $235.00 to $275.00. That was a few years back. They may be a bit more now. I would see if some of the other Para Wing collectors have an opinion. It has a nice clear strike that is also a plus.
  2. Look in the Hallmarks section of this Forum for more info on this manufacturer. ttps://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/278099-uriscraft-uris-sales-corp/
  3. Well, you got a bargain. At one time you might have found these under $10.00, but those days are long gone. You usually see these now listed at between $35 and $50.00 today and sometimes even higher. They are known as "Graduation Wings" having no maker's marks. They are still a fairly common type as far as sterling jump wings go, but you can rest assured that you did good.
  4. These wings are a fine example of basic US jump wings. Looks like they have been worn and polished with pride. I would be happy to include them in a collection.
  5. United States Air Force Parachute Badges a collectors guide. Same as above on a 2013 post. You can look on eBay under Air Force parachute and it should pop up. All the best. robert
  6. Your wings were made by Williams & Anderson. The 1/20th Silver Filled government issue wings were made from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's, so Vietnam era. There are other examples and more information in the hallmarks section of this forum.
  7. To me it looks like your oval or parachute background trimming is post WWII. It has a twill center where as the WWII era ovals have a wool felt center. As to your other question, The CIB actually came along after the jump wings badge. Initially you see soldiers wearing their jump wings above the CIB. When the army finally had time to figure out placement of awards on the uniform, the regulations placed the Combat Infantryman Badge above all other awards and decorations. I hope that helps.
  8. Looks like the 511th Airborne Infantry.
  9. Here is another example of what I am referring to as the "melted sterling" mark. This needs more research, but it is suspicious to me.
  10. I agree with Allan This wing also looks different in another way than a typical WWII parachute badge should look. Notice the STERLING mark. It appears almost melted rather than crisp and clear. I have noticed a number of this type lately with the 'melted sterling' look, so I am wondering if someone is making these currently to fool collectors. Personally, I would avoid this one.
  11. Most badge collectors use Rikker mounts and they are ideal for displaying badges and similar sized items. In my collection, I also wanted to see the reverse side of some of my jump wings to easily see the Hallmarks or other significant details. My solution without making or buying a special frame is much like that already suggested by CWNORMA. I display an example of what the wing looks like on the frontal view and those that are identical with special features or hallmarks, I flip over and show the back side in the same group. That way I have an immediate reference of both sides. This has wor
  12. The 3G hallmark is from Ira Green. It is an older marking that is no longer used. Ira Green is still in business.
  13. I almost hate to jump in here, but could not resist since I have an example (good or bad) of both wings being discussed in this thread. Now, I can't say if they are genuine or not, but since we are all here to learn, I will offer this. All the wings shown here are die struck (not cast) and all have the die shearing marks to prove that. I can't say if the clutch posts have been removed and replaced with broach pins. Is that possible ? Yes, I am sure it is. So did I get taken or are they real? I really don't know. None of these are recent acquisitions.
  14. Interesting. It does look close. I see that it is being offered by a seller who deals in a lot of reproductions.
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