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  1. An example of a double blue border (the outer blue border replaces very likely the earlier OD border) and an unusual (more oval-shaped) OD bordered patch. The border of the latter is wider than the usual OD border you see on such patches. H.
  2. Hi Dennis, I believe the one on the right is a blue border (not black): the same color as the blue part of the design H.
  3. Yes Rene, this is the one... Thx for showing! Hans
  4. Hi Bob, Yes. These are the ones I mentioned: German made. Very likely occupation period May - August 1945. The 76th has similar made patches (with black back and same manufacture pattern), as this Div was a neighbour during the same period. I've only seen those two Div patches manufactured in that way... and... I have seen a uniform with those two Div patches both with this kind of style (left shoulder: 30th, and right shoulder: 76th. Hans
  5. Serge, A very nice WW2-era US made purple back! The "1" even is a yellow back H.
  6. As tredhed, ocsfollowme and Randy stated, it's an error patch. It was repaired with the black main thread. H.
  7. Here are a few good ones. Compare the embroidery with the one you've illustrated. You'll see the difference Patchcollector is talking about. H.
  8. I know, Pat. Every owner can do what they want with their patches. But originally they were made in that specific shape. Velcro...Really? On original WW2 patches? That's a thought... :-)
  9. Mason, It wasn't supposed to be cut down. Round patches such as these were made too. Dennis, Mason, Take good care of these... these are one of a kind! Beautiful pieces H.
  10. Hi there, Except for the two black backs, the cut edge OD border and red border patches are all US made and WW2. The OD wool border patch is late-1030s/very early-1940s, typical for that era, and of US manufacture too The black backs, and I'm pretty sure about it, are German made. I did a study on that Div and those patches. Very likely these were manufactured in the German region where the Div had their occupation duties, between May and August 1945. H.
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