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  1. I went on a tour of the Bulge over the last two weeks with the WWII Museum. While there, we visited Henri-Chapelle Cemetery. They let the staff know that one of Burt's relatives was coming. When we arrived, they took me to his grave and presented me with some research that they had on hand. They also brought out sand from Omaha Beach and showed me how to fill in the letters on his cross so they could be seen easier. Here is a photo of me with the cross and the letters are filled in. I will post others as I get them.
  2. Here is a letter sent from England after the 82nd Airborne Division returned from France. The 3 photos of German soldiers were included with it. My grandmother didn't know what happened to the 4th photo he included.
  3. The 82nd Airborne Division also participated in the Salerno Invasion. My great uncle was near the post office in Naples when the German Bomb destroyed it, and articles from a local newspaper have a letter from him stating that he toured Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius after the fighting moved away from those areas.
  4. How old do you think the Kodiak patch in post #67 is? My father served there in the early 1960's around 62 through 64 and I was hoping to see examples of the patches they may have made. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for your help. I hope someone may have additional information so I can learn as much as possible
  6. Thank you. I think I found that same table. They couldn't be too different as they still used cast iron to make projectiles. I am thinking I did not get a real cannon ball and should return it.
  7. I am looking for any experts out there on Revolutionary War era ammunition. I purchased a 6 pound shot supposedly from the Battle of Brandywine that was found on Birningham Hill in the 1940s. The photo I was buying from had a shot with rusting and pitting on a cannonball of that era. I received the pictured shot in the mail. I didn't think it looked like the photo of the item I purchased and I thought it looked too clean to have been found 140 years after the battle. I weighed it and found that it weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces. I used some heavy square objects to get a rough diameter
  8. Here is a photo of the marker that is in the Twin Hills Cemetery.
  9. The first one was a V-Mail. Here is an original drawing that he sent home as a Christmas letter. I have a copy of this one that was sent to my grandmother as a V-Mail. I like how the 82nd's Insignia is on them.
  10. I realise the original post is about 11 years old, but I would be happy to add to this post if anyone would like to see more photos of the Card. I have some originals in my collection and have found a bunch more on the web. My grandfather Robert R. Baker served on this ship during WWII as an Aviation Machinist's Mate.
  11. 1st Airborne Princess Brigade. They flew into Normandy on unicorns.
  12. Last page. I have a transcription of the letter if it is hard to read.
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