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  1. okay, well the original model 12 i had slated didn't come through. I found another, but it has a much longer barrel and a big rump choke. If it weren't for the fact that it was manufactured in 1928, i would just cut the damn thing off, but unfortunately that would be a crime. anyone know where i can find a 18 or 20 barrel?
  2. haha, skip i've got a couple of pics like that from over here in the 'Stan. what do you have there?
  3. great pics, thanks savage. i already had the 97 milled to recieve the screws and got a swivel for it, the problem is the magazine end cap. the peg doesn't line up with the hole on the heat shield
  4. I've been working on converting a couple of shotguns i've picked up in to trenchguns, a Norinco model 97 and the 1953 model 12 i just purchased. I reenact ww2 and vietnam, and was looking for help with the 97 as the damn thing doesn't seem to fit the heat shield i purchased for it. Also, any information on shotgun usage in the ETO, as well as vietnam. I've seen pictures of soldiers in europe carrying 97 trenchguns, but i don't remember where. any help would be greatly appreciated SPC Bunny
  5. thanks, i'll look into that. I was already planning for the arden and hurtgen forests, and the west wall is a definite.
  6. I'm traveling to europe soon and am trying to plan my trip around visiting battlefields of the first and second world wars. Does anyone have nay recommendations for some haunted battle fields, and unhaunted ones, worth visiting? I'm trying to keep my visit centered in germany, but holland and belgium are possible. Sorry If this is posted in the wrong area, it seemed like the right place.
  7. I know! I reenact 36th ID in Texas, and it seems that most of the other Amis we come across are either the screaming chickens or 4th armor. And all of our enemies are verdamnte SchutzStaffel, mostly units that NEVER EVEN FOUGHT THE AMERICANS!! For vietnam on the other hand my unit does 101st, which was common in the 'Nam.
  8. any one know any good abandoned military sites in central texas? Not just bunkers, but other buildings as well?
  9. The glasses are a real handful for me too, as I'm a least a half foot taller then the AVERAGE ww2 GI, so I can't find vintage frames that actually fit, let alone anyone to make the lenses. Luckily, my day to day glasses are BCDs, so I can wear 'em for Nam. I used to have a real pair, until I lit them on fire. (an accident, I swear!!)
  10. I'm with the Texas state military museum, and yes we do have substantial information on the 141st. The 36th division actually had two lost units during WW2.
  11. My girlfriend is the kind of girl who likes to go to the firing range, then hunting, and then go cook. In that order. Dirt and cold don't phase her. I meant to ask what would work best for both Europe and the homefront. And when she wants to shoot stuff, I already got her black pjs and a bunch of chicom grenades for our vietcong act.
  12. I reenact WW2 american and vietnam ( both sides). I'm trying to get my girlfriend involved, but can't seem to find a good getup for her for WW2.
  13. I'm a senior in high school, enlisting in the marines next august for EOD in Afghanistan. I reenact WW2, partially to because it's fun, partially to educate die kleines kinder that the war was not won by the 101st. (no offense to our jumping friends). I've three friends killed In Iraq/Afghanistan, and am confused by this airsofters. I mean, when I play paintball I use my ALICE gear simply because it's much more convenient then all the expensive made for PB stuff. Kids at school buy MOLLE gear and play airsoft in it, recreating scenes from Gen. Kill, and Call of duty, and it makes me want to ki
  14. I have not served in the military and am only still in my JROTC unit, but when I reenact I make damned sure I know what I'm doing. I read books on ww2 American tactics (osprey has a few good ones), try to make my gear as accurate as possible, and take care of my gear when I'm not wearing it. When I'm wearing my uniform, I try not to wear my glasses for as long as it's on, even when I'm just walking from the field to our barracks. I don't bother saying that I reenact to honor the veterans, I do that by attending events held in there honor, helping make their lives better, or even just sitting a
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