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  1. Does this help? For those who have participated in actual combat missions, gold service stars are worn pinned to the top of the decoration. A maximum of three such stars may be displayed, one for every 20 hours of logged flight in a designated combat zone, in addition to the 20 for initially being awarded the Combat Aircrew Badge. what wiki says but I am at work and dont have access to my books on the subject.
  2. The ebay item # is 250254252451
  3. So here it is http://cgi.ebay.com/Naval-Uniform-with-Med...1QQcmdZViewItem My question is this, do you think the medals are original to the owner? I am questioning this because on the Uniform are the dolphins and from what I have researched enlisted personnel didnt offically get authorized the pin version until September 1950. That date is 3 months prior to when an individual in the military would have been authorized the National Defense medal, yet there is not one present.\ The GCM is id'd to a Jerome Patrick Smith in 1946. Am I just being way to criticial and nuts on this o
  4. This advance in rank is still here today. I went in as a Hospitalman skipping Hospitalman Recruit and Hospitalman Apprentice. Today its based on education level. And yes it did happen with making chief in less than 4 years, if one had certain credentials in the civilian world one could be put in as a Po2 or Po1 and make Chief in under 4. I have at least 1 or 2 Chief's blues especially rates such as ones who were Seabee's or electrician mates that only have 1 stripe. For one I know he went in as a Po2 because of his job skills in the civilian world, he didnt need the training a standard boo
  5. Got surprised when I walked in the door by the lady friend and she got me as I bent over to drop my Med bag Heres the only one I have access to at work HN Fritz B company 1st Battalion 25th Marines 4th Marine Division Can post Vest and Med gear pics after if wanted!
  6. Pretty good, but I'd take anything over the stupid utilities i got issued, thank god I am a corpsman and get to wear the marine cammies, so comfortable!
  7. Hey all I just got a Purple Heart group and need help. I found Him on NARA and would Like any help possible. I am leaving in 3 days to go to Camp Lejune for Field Med Training battalion (I am a USN Corpsman) and wont have any time to research this guy come Saturday. So here is some info James L Webb 20202984 NOK: Bertha Webb 163 Warren St. Glens Falls NY On NARA the Source of Personnel said National Guard so If i had to make a guess I would say he ended up in the 27th ID. Please any help would be appreciated HN Fritz Semper Fortis
  8. Tell your cousin Thanks. Just because he was a reservist or didnt "go over there" means nothing. He Stepped up to serve our country something that most of the population hasnt or will never do.
  9. Hey All, Been a long time since I have posted. I have been gone for 6 months to Great Lakes IL for Navy Boot Camp and Hospital Corpsman A school. I am home for another week and then off to Field Med school in Lejune with the Marines. But anyway there is alot of talk abut these, and the Digi ersion should be hitting the Navy Exchanges relatively Soon in navy Time. I am personally excited for these because our utilities suck. We have been told also the rules for wearing these will follow the same rules for our utilities of the rules the marines follow for their digis. Besides these, the workign
  10. I am curious if anyone knows this seller or the such in regards to this item. It is a really cool looking one! what do you think? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1
  11. Can someone help Id these ribbons on the top two rows? looks wierd to me. http://cgi.ebay.com/ww-2-ike-jacket-9-ribb...1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. Yeah this is why I would absolutely do anything for a name, one of the wierdest combinations of things, and i know If I didnt have the picture to prove it people would say.....It's a put together
  13. There are 2 campaign stars on the EAME which did not show up in the picture (so more then training) with the 82nd. Maybe he went to aid in some initial training or the such for the eventual invasion of japan? any other ideas?
  14. Yeah I couldnt believe it either, my friend at a militaria store had a trash searcher bring this in and I was like thats really cool. The ribbons, glider wings, GCM, overseas bars etc. I was a little thrown back by this and he could tell I was! With my brow scrounched up saying how is this so? He said he was thinking the same thing until he pulled this out, which came with all the other parts. We discussed it for awhile and came up with some good ideas! tahdah! pacific glider rider I know most likely he had some skill set being a Tech, and thats why he was there, so not tec
  15. heheheh http://cgi.ebay.com/WWII-US-Navy-Uniform-M...1QQcmdZViewItem
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