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    Always interested in WW1 USMC information & items. My GrandDad was in the USMC from 1916 - 1920, serving in Haiti in the 11th Company and in WW1, 4th 5th, HQ Company. <br /><br />Some interest in the CW, since I have my G-G-Granddad's GAR medals. <br /><br />Limited interest in USN items... I retired after 24 years of Active duty. (it takes a toll. )
  1. Could it be missing a ridge pole? Like the ridge poles used on a GP medium tent? Just a thought. Jon B.
  2. The paint looks old, but it looks to me like something that was done well after returning home for a veterans parade or some such. The dates that I've seen most vets use were 17/18/19, not 14-19. It's something I'd love to own, but just don't think the vet did it for himself, I'm more of the opinion that someone painted the lid for him. I could easily be wrong, but it just doesn't have the right look to me. Still pretty cool. Jon B. Newaygo MI
  3. I can't help you with the number on the Krags, or any information about them. I can say that I have my Grandfathers Krag bayonet. He was USMC 11th company in Haiti in 1916/1917. Not sure if that helps or hinders you. But you can account for one of the bayonets found. 🙂 Jon B. Newaygo MI
  4. Canadian Girls in Training, or CGIT, is a church-based program for girls and young women aged 11–17 throughout Canada. Yeah, I googled it.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Girls_in_Training Jon B Newaygo MI
  5. I've no information on cooks in ww2. But served with the Seabees as a cook. We were trained via the USMS on field ranges, etc. I don't think the Seabee Battalions of the early 80's were that much different then 35 years earlier. As cooks in the battalion we trained in all aspects of the field training. - I had to qualify with the M16 and .45 cal. We had to assign cooks to mortar platoon, crew served weapons, etc. The core cooks, set up the field kitchen once a location was selected by the Head Shed. Until then, we were assigned as camp security, etc. placed as needed. We were ro
  6. A euro is 1.12 to the dollar as of today. So 375 euro is about $470. So IMHO it's a bit high in price, but not a lot. I've seen recent sales at 4, to 450. But it may be your VAT and shipping that makes it too much. Jon B. Newaygo MI
  7. It was a good read. Thanks for posting it. Jon B Newaygo MI
  8. I don't have a picture of him wearing it, (nor do I have any of his actual uniforms) but here's a picture of my Grandfather, Cpl william DeHaven, USMC (1916-1920) 5th Reg HQ Company, & 11th Company in Haiti. You might be able to see his coat hanging on the wall behind him. Not sure when the picture was taken, but he's got leggings on, so I'm thinking 1919 or 1920. Jon B. Newagyo MI
  9. I honestly don't know the answer, but when I had to have one on my 782 gear, I always put it so the flat of the shovel was against my pack. I'm not sure it made any difference, but if I dropped my pack, fell etc. there was less chance that anything inside the pack would take damage. But, my experience with 782 gear was limited to two tours with the Navy Seabees. So about 16 two week field exercises and various 1 week forced fun exercises. Jon B. Newaygo MI
  10. Looks nice, can't make anything out, but like the layout. Jon B.
  11. Its been too many years but when I was in my last Seabee Battalion 1999-2002 we got these along with standard MRE's. We rarely called the T-rats, usually they were call Tray Rats by the Battalion I was in. Each tray was supposed to feed (If I remember correctly) 15 people. We'd issue them to a squad, or if it was camp set up/tear down they were put in GI can's with emersion heaters. (those are fun to use, too much gas and the stack blows, too little and the fire goes out, puddles and then when you relight it, it blows the stack). Jon B. Newaygo MI
  12. The other bottle is labled Puerto Plata - Is Dominican Republic. So maybe this was taken in the DR? Jon B. Newaygo MI
  13. nice pick up. I try to pick up a few Morgans' or Peace dollars each year. Maybe a fifty cent piece or two. I hope you got a good deal getting them all as a group purchase. Jon B. Newaygo MI
  14. It looks like the ones we used on our walk in freezer/refers both shipboard and in the Seabees. They're open purchased now, not USN marked, but really look the same. By the time I was in, they would go to -20 or so. (NAVMED changed the temperature of freezers from 0 to -10). Jon B. Newaygo MI
  15. Very Nicely Done. Looks great. Jon B. Newaygo MI
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