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  1. Gentleman Can anyone identify the shoulder marking on this USMC HBT named jacket, was worn during the Iwo Jima invasion. I am told the Red circle/meatball signified the first wave assault, it is painted on the shoulder and his name is stenciled on the back. There is also a small inside name R. Mc Garraugh. Any info on invasion jacket markings and or their meanings.
  2. These were Mobile Gorilla Forces, there is another like i listed called RHADE i think , will ad pic's when i find it. thanks
  3. This rare patch was given to me by a long time close Marine friend of mine. "May he rest in Peace" These were for indigenous forces recruited by Special Contract Personnel, 3 an 4 tour ex marines/military personnel now working as contract guys out of Thailand. They worked for different government departments & agency's, mostly around the 1970 to 1974 time frame.
  4. The 1st citation is for his first Air medal during Battle of Okinawa where he encountered and challenged 8 enemy air craft and shot down one Japanese Zero. As entered in his log book. I think he was awarded numerous Air Medals and i have the citations for each, the one picture shows him being awarded & pined on his 1st Air Medal. Just a real great WW2 Marine Air man group
  5. His wing man was J J deBlanc a MOH winner, he signed off on lost of his mission pages .
  6. No 1 is possibly questionable but looks like the correct style and materials, questionable mostly because the excess material around the edges has been cut off, hand made patches were typically like patch No 2 patch where the edges were folded over and then glued down, this was typical construction from War era hand made patches especially Saigon area and or other big city embroidered patches, first hand knowledge of these from shops in country at War time and some also some from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Best quality hand embroidered patches materials were "usually always" cotton threads
  7. Nice WW2 USMC Corsair pilots group, more items not shown including named medals with original citations and his action packed log book shooting down Japanese Zero's and more, His wing man was a MOH winner and signed off pages in his log book as his wing man. he was also in Korean War.
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