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  1. My Grand Father used to get his suits made in Hong Kong in the late 40's and 50's, by a famous tailor there, he'd stop in at the shop, spend most of the day with picking; styles, fabrics, measurements, etc. He'd pay up, and when whatever took him to Hong Kong was done (twice he actually went there just for new suits), he'd head home. If he had them sent it would be about 6 to 8 months, He would spend about $1,200- $1,500 on suits, not counting travel costs, in 1940's 50's money! Quality is worth a Gentleman's patience is what he would say about things like this!
  2. Remember also, that with wool, particularly sweaters, if you stretch it prior to hanging it to dry, it will fit better and appear to shrink less.
  3. There is a Jeff Howard on the list of the E-9 association who was Top of Bravo 504th, 93-96. He was still a 1st Sgt. in the 82nd after that, but I can't find which unit. Doesn't mean much, other than good research skills mayhaps......
  4. I have several cans of 4x,3x, and2x powder! Many of the cartridge guns, have smokeless pressure equivalent loads, due to the popularity of Cowboy Shooting. Check the SAAMI specs before firing any ammo in an ancient butt gun. I have and do fire a number of antique guns, and concur with Sgt. Saunders wholeheartedly. My philosophy is; Gun, car, knife or axe, if it is not used for what it was designed for....it has NO value! Sparrow
  5. As to size, from the few pictures I have seen of the Regt. a number of it's men are the same size as their white officers, and some of the men also appear to be Caucasian. Most enlistedmen who were not married, hand sewed their patches rather than pay a seamstress (That's a whole weekend pass worth of drinking there!) to do it! Not trying to say anything about the piece, just mentioning some truthful "It could happen" statements. Sparrow
  6. That color is a standard 'Apple Green' that a crap load of civilian wood and iron tools, and tool boxes of the 30's 40's were painted, looks like the chocks my grandpa had for working on his car! I believe he originally bought them for his 36 Ford, according to my Dad. Sparrow
  7. The Knight's Cross is a replica they sold in the 60's and 70's. I have 3. Sparrow
  8. I did lose one in the Cascades.......... Sparrow
  9. According to Fred Bahlau, these cut down holsters were to carry snub nose S&Ws, that were gotten off of Aircrewman. Sparrow
  10. "It is possible to blank adapt a 1911, but you have to alter the gun so much that you can not put it back to firing condition." ??????? Blank adapting an actual 1911, only irreparably damages the barrel. Parts need to be ground off and altered, but a spare barrel puts it back to firing order quickly! Since you only need to fire blanks, the barrel for blanks can be a scrap barrel (I've seen 'sewerpipe' barrels for $35.00), there are instructions online somewhere on the mods, a diegrinder, drill, tap, and the right size set screw is all you need! I personally recommend Kimar as a good blank
  11. Jack's son, I don't know about in a box, but I have tried it in a can! I think it was Finnish, or maybe Laplandish c-rations, I could not understand the writing....anyway, the seal in a can tasted much better than the salted fried cat in a bag (Chinese!), but not as good as my favorite; Horse in a pouch (easily heated by throwing pouch in boiling water)! Sparrow
  12. Till now I have not made comment on this, as I did not want to make water in anyone's breakfast cereal made in Battle Creek, Michigan. Here though are some unvarnished realities; The majority of WW2 items available nowadays, never, ever went overseas, but sat in warehouses here in the states and was sold as surplus over the years! History is not being destroyed, particularly as a large number of museums have collections (let alone some of the Forum members who have whole large buildings full to the rafters with the stuff, those of you with stacks of helmets as tall as Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a
  13. Your writing on the subject is rather vague, but when I went to school, just before entering the door.....there was an American flag!
  14. Of the many things I am or was, welder is one of them. I will say it is a homemade dive tank. I base that hypothesis on the facts as follow; Oxygen is indicated by the green tanks and regulator, there is nor was a 'third bottle' as the fitting on the regulator and gauge is for a hose, not metal tube or pipe as are the other fittings. Someone made him self a half arsed scuba setup, not a very safe one at that! Sparrow
  15. As a Yank veteran, who did some training with 3rd Para after the Falklands dance party, when they came to Ft. Lewis, I say "Bravo Gentlemen, job nicely done! I think for all else mentioned, it is for US Militaria.
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