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  1. 129 views and no answer? Is it a so unusual belt?
  2. I have a strange M1894 Mills & Orndorff Ammo belt : Mills and Orndorff adjustement hooks with usual Aug,26:67 to Sep.11:94 patents. Classical standard light tan web construction with brass keepers and "C" clasp, but the belt has only one-row 40 loops for .30 rounds (I know about 50 or 100 rounds loops, but not 40). An early model or a belt for mounted troops? Any idea? Thank you in advance, Francois
  3. Thank you Steve. :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks all, If I understand you well, all M1917 helmets were factory cork (or sand) olive drab painted and then, blue-grey painted by US Navy? So, the underside was left green colored? And about the rarity of a blue-grey M1917 helmet? I never see any for sale... Francois
  5. I am from France and I would like to find a US Navy M1917 helmet. It seems that these old blue/grey steel pots are now very scarce, even in USA. Are they? And a little question, do these US Navy M1917 helmets have a cork paint or a smooth one? Francois
  6. I already have a M1912 canvas belt, but it's in an average shape. Shown here with a M1916 holster in repro. I've never been able to locate a true WWI US garrison belt (is it the M1904 model?). I've one nice, but it's a WWII era with riveted buckle instead of sewn François
  7. Salut Artu, mon ami italien, Here's mine. What do you think about? The belt isn't good : it's a M36 model, but holster is a RIA 1914 with a regimental marking on flap : B4FA 142 And what do you think about these : Marked RIA 1915 on back. Also marked RIA 1915. I think it's for a M1903 rifle 5 rounds clip. A garrison pouch? François
  8. Maybe an interesting history or a theory about the three notches on the left grip ..? François
  9. Thank you all for your clear answers. This US mark is a fake. However, I think this gun has still great value because, except for this marking, it's all matching and in a very good shape, never reblued, not deactived with a nice bore. It's a piece of old west history... no? What's your opinion? François
  10. Hi guys, A friend of mine has a 1882 Colt Frontier 44WCF. # 84890. Eagle grips (with three notches on the left one!). All matching. The seller told my friend that this revolver is back from Mexico. His ancestor was gone to Mexico at the end of XIXth century. Oddly, this revolver has an "US" mark on the left side of frame as a reglementary 45.cal SAA. Did US army use 44WCF handguns too? What does this US mark means..? Thank you François
  11. Thank you all. I got it for $72. I think it's not very expensive for a such piece for my M1911 collection. Is it..?
  12. Here's my latest found : A totally unissued M1912 leather mag pouch for M1911 pistol. It's a R.I.A 1915, with T.C.C initials inspector. Rimmed eagle snap. François
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