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  1. No doubt ! Im sure the govt paid a hefty price for the container
  2. Got this from an estate sale. I know its a rocket container but can anyone tell me more about it? Maybe the type of rocket, value, age? Anything would be great. Thanks in advance
  3. Went over and took my family with me for the big day. Planned and saved 1-1/2 years. Got to look around on the 5th a little bit. Hung out in St. Mere-Eglise on the 5th. Was super busy and cool. On the 6th however it was a TOTAL bust!!! The police had literally the ENTIRE beach section of all the landing beaches in Normandy and roughly 2-3 miles inland shut down. We couldnt get anywhere near the beaches on DDay because of political figures visiting. No alternative location for normal folks to see and pay respects. Ruined my day to say the least. But we rebounded and made a run for the eastern p
  4. So awesome that youve taken the time to do this ! It all looks fantastic
  5. Youve had a busy year !!! Love the TD unit and the AAC rig. Keep up the good work!!
  6. Fantastic!! Can we get closer shots of the airborne officer thats on the floor next to a rack?
  7. It being June 6 I just wanted to share this with you all. Its from Nashville Tennessee and its the morning edition. Its got quite a lot of info considering they were I think 6 hrs behind French time.
  8. Closeup of pretty girls face. He loved art and drawing and photography
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