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  1. That's a lovely one mate! My latest m1 garand related purchase was a relic m1 supposedly found at the Ardennes. However I buy the weapon not the story. A particularly interesting fact about mine is that it is a November 1943 yet still retains some very early manufacturing pieces. It has a Checkered rear sight Elevation Cap, Grooved Lower Band, and possible numbered gas cylidner with cut. Scott
  2. I live in the UK and collect deactivated m1 Garands that have been deactivated (demillled) prior to 1995. If you search for the M Garand Collectors UK group on Facebook and ask to join I'll message you some pics! Sometimes correcting m1s can be mote expensive mate. I have 2 original m1 Rifles and 5 more which I have corrected all pre ww2 and ww2. I even have a British lend lease which was my latest purchase and cannot believe my luck! Scott
  3. Hey mate lovely m1. Unfortunately it appears not to be original. It lacks the grooved rear Handguard clip among several other early attributes including flush nut sight and arched lower band. The elevation cap should also be checkered! Lovely nonetheless! Scott
  4. And do you mean behind the front site mate? That is also where my own is marked however it is serial 390588. Scott
  5. Thank you everyone for your replies and interest. I have a friend with serial 451,576. His m1 Has almost no markings on it. The only markings on top of the barrel at the very bottom after receiver and it does not say TONSPER but only NITRO and some numbers etc. We cannot figure out the meaning of this! Scott
  6. Hi there everyone I recently picked up a deactivated rifle in UK which turned out to be a British Lend Lease. Could not believe it. Anyway myself and some friends have decides to creatw a Facebook group with the aim of working towards creating a master list of all British Lend Lease M1 rifles which we come across. You can find the group on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2395401994104009/ If you are nit Facebook Savvy but would lke to take part please PM me a pic of your rifle serial nunber along with the British Lend Lease Stamps - 1. Barrel on right side at date or left sode in front of front Handguard. 2. Bolt on top (No matter how small markings) on right lug or at the front near the centre of the bolt. 3. Receiver ring above chamber area. 4. Any evidence of red paint. 5. Any black Sunkorite paint finish which maybe left on your M1. 6. Please give as many pics or as clear a description of all the parts your m1 has including codes and any data sheets which you may have created. Thank you! Scott
  7. Look on the pistol grip for the small cross cannons. This will help you determine. If there's no sign then 100% repro. Otherwise you need to take the butt plate off and have a look for stamps on the butt under the plate. Scott
  8. Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone had ever seen a Tan Cotton sling for the m1 Garand dated 1942? Thank you! Scott
  9. I would love to find a relic M1!
  10. Hi everyone. I would love to add one of these to my collection. I have 11 bayonets, 6 cut down 16 inch from every maker. 2x M1 standard 10 inch, 1x 16 inch WW2 dated and 2x WW1 16 inch, one made by RIA and one made by Springfield. I would love to add a 16 inch canvas scabbard with another 16 inch Springfield or RIA bayonet. What should I be looking for on the scabbards? I know they are rare and some copies are made. Scott
  11. I've did a lot if research into m1 Rifles. I 100% believe that the ridge is a post war model and that the clip with the long piece in the middle is post war too. Scott
  12. Hi there guys and gals. I was wondering what kind of bag or pouch a 1st Ranger bases at Achnacarry would have used to carry their Thompson 1928A1 ammo mags or drums in? Does anyone have pictures of esrly bags circa 1941 or early 1942. Scott
  13. So in the forums opinion. Should a Lend Lease M1 have a flush nut or a short pinion sight? I have an M1 serial 200442. March 1941. What are the chances of this having been a lend lease M1? I have read the article which states that the first appropriation for lend leases was March 28th 1941 from previous stock and current production stock but that they were picked at random! What are the chances? Scott
  14. Thanks for all the info lafs this is excellent! Does anyone have pics of a stock with tue red band? Thanks, Scott
  15. Front sight seal? What is this guys Thanks! Scott
  16. Anyone know what serial number rsnge were the ones used for this? Or most likely to have been used? Any markings to look for? I have spoken to one member who has one. I live in the UK so can really only hope to find Deactivated m1 garands, or get a licence and have a single shot/straight pull M1 Garand. However I would love to own one of these and hopefully find out some nore information about them! Scott
  17. On the hunt for an original Lock Bar type 3 Sight and wartime gas plug. Scott
  18. Can't mate not got the option and filea are always too big when i try on ipad. If anyone else can upload a photo of it please go ahead! Scott
  19. I have posted pictures on the facebook page. Thanks, Scott
  20. Serial number dates to 1944. It does not have a lockbar sight unfortunately so i would like to add one to it. I am lookong for an original ww2 one to add onto the weapon. Does anyone on here have a spare one they'd be willing to sell? Thanks, Scott
  21. Got it mate. I see the esbnin the right sleeve, so what goes on the left? Thanks, Scott
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