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  1. Sactroop, after reading my post I can totally understand why you thought that, I wasn't very clear, thanks again. Ken
  2. Thanks SACTROOP, mine is like you picture.
  3. I just picked up a standard US Army pocket knife, the maker has a Q stamped and nothing else. Is thus Queen City Cutlery? Thanks Ken
  4. Thanks very much for the information. I had never thought of this being done, amazing what greed does to a person.
  5. Rod from the World militaria forum was very helpful, this is what he shared with me: Your pass says (kanji "code name" and number read thus) "i"15311. It's the code for the (Philippines) 4th Air Army's Manila Army Air Depot, with 8,689 personnel employed. These men would have become irregular infantry and transport soldiers after the 4th Air Army was demobilized for lack of aircraft. One more thing. The "i" code name is the Southern Expeditionary Army's code name, it's complicated but the 4th Air Army and the 14th Area Army in the Philippines both had different code names. The Southern Expeditionary Army's headquarters was deployed in the Philippines for a while so that may have had something to do with it.
  6. Thank you very much for the info! The GI thought it was a dog tag too!
  7. Have been trying to figure out what the soldier wrote on this dog tag and who he was. One side looks like "Whats his name". On the other side it looks like, "Japanese Dog Tag", "1/4 Sonkovick or Sankovick", "45", "FA BN", "HBOARAS". Help with my bad eyes please. I looked for him on NARA but couldn't find him. Also any help with the translation of the Japanese would be greatly appreciated. If I can take better pics let me know, thanks in advance.
  8. Is the military or civilian? And is it US? Has A. Raymond snaps. Thanks, Ken
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