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    My realm of collecting is WWII Army field gear. Some of my favorite items to collect are M1 Helmets, Canteens, Musette Bags, and Pocket Bibles.

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  1. What a loaded story this pot carries. Tragic and potentially epic at the same time. Indeed sad for the man who lost his life. What a great opportunity to preserve his memory and honor! I wish I knew more about the paint job. Good luck finding out more. Hopefully it yields great results with added historical value!
  2. Add a +1 to the number of amazing ID'd helmets out there! Well done!
  3. I appreciate you looking into it! Glad to finally know about these. Good to see a correct reference, too!
  4. I acquired these a few years ago, but never looked into their history. I don't know much of anything about the realm of patches. Can anyone tell me if these are original or repro? Also, what era if possible? Thanks!
  5. Agreed, Strawberry 9 is correct. The liner looks Korean War era due to the darker OD webbing. The pot chinstraps have post-war hardware as well. Indeed, quality KW example. The paint on the pot looks really clean with good texture. Also, is that a front seam manganese rim I see? No stainless steel shine on the edge. Probably from the crossover period between FS and RS. Mid to late 1944-ish manufacture date? A lesser seen variation amongst front seams. Do you see a heat stamp inside the brim of the pot?
  6. Just watched the whole interview. Well done! It certainly helped to have his son there. And the picture overlays were a nice touch too! Thank you for taking the time to capture even just a few memories from this veteran. Well worth it! Cheers!
  7. Killer story!! Did you happen to take any photos of the helmet before you put the cover on?
  8. The building looks amazing! Do keep us posted! Pics are a must!
  9. While I am unaware of any specific reference to validate this example, I do know red was used on some helmets for some Naval purposes. Fire control, I believe? Other members, correct me if I am wrong. I am not sure about this specific symbol. Quite possibly a child's addition to an originally red liner?
  10. I'm experiencing major lid envy! Brilliant find!
  11. Does anybody have any tips, tricks, or advice on how to safely pack helmets while moving? Any methods that work better than others? I'm trying to get ahead of the game and plan on how to safely move my M1 collection without damaging them in transit this fall. Obviously you can just toss a lid in a box with bubble-wrap, but I wanted to see if anyone out there had a golden idea that has worked well for them. Any ideas for packing multiples together vs individually? Thanks!
  12. I think I may be drooling on my keyboard over all that Rayon helmet webbing! Love the lot of lids you have!
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