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    A Museum dedicated to the US forces that invaded fortress Europe in 1944.
    Army, Airborne and Navy. Helmet, Uniforms, Grouping, Paperwork, Pictures and Field Gear that is Normandy or D-Day related.

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  1. Hi After owning 5 of these liners they all suffer from poor paint adhesion. Regards Tom
  2. Love It, Love It, Love It... Gotta love a BIGOT map... Regards Tom
  3. Hi The liner types have come from Pete Oostermans book on M-1 helmets. Generally the lower the number the earlier the liner. Off the top of my head a Type 8 will be OD3 cotton, green a washers, pleat cut cotton, the main difference will be the paint/ cork finish. The book is the best reference for fixed bales and liners in my opinion. Regards Tom
  4. Hi I have a helmet with a white liner named to a Lt in the US Navy. In his photo album there are pictures of white liners being used by Naval personnel on the Mulberry Harbour on Omaha Beach in Normandy. Regards Tom
  5. Hi I know the owner of the helmet and no he doesn’t have the rest of the stuff. I was offered all that stuff before it went to auction, can you see 36k worth of stuff? Because I certainly couldn’t... There was a musette bag with locations visited written on and the flag was claimed as a D-Day flown flag. It certainly doesn’t look like a flag that has seen much action especially considering the weather in Normandy during that period. Regards Tom
  6. Hi John Always great to see items from a fellow BIGOT map collector... Interestingly Johan is spot on, I also notice for reference that this one is not serial numbered which leads me to believe that only the first versions were numbered. Although I have come across both versions being issued. Thanks for sharing. Regards Tom
  7. Hi I do like a camo German pot... Regards Tom
  8. Hi Ed What a truly special grouping... Gotta love BIGOT planning items. Thank You for sharing. Regards Tom
  9. Hi I clearly don't spend enough time on ebay... lol Great score for someone. Regards Tom
  10. Hi Tom Good Job, it makes this whole collecting lark worthwhile when you have a place to sit and admire. Thanks for sharing. Regards Tom
  11. Hi It is a cool helmet... I cannot even start imagine were you find a helmet like that. Lol Items like this is what i love about the hobby, "they didn't do that" until you get information that totally opens up the theories. Regards Tom
  12. Hi Here is another example of a liner that shouldn't exist, Really Cool rayon liner... Regards Tom
  13. Hi Manu you are such a tease... What a great looking helmet, i love the sewn label. Regards Tom
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