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  1. a very beautiful helmet bart danny
  2. i have askt my frend and he didn't nowe it any more where this helmet came from but he hase more para helmets i gone ask him fore more foto's from the other helmets danny
  3. the liner is a inland what can i tell my frend that is one from the 82 nd ab i see my frend at the end of this week and i will ask him howe that he got this helmet this men hase a very big collection of ww2 i think that pete nows this men danny
  4. can some one help us white this helmet it's a helmet from a frend and wants to nowe if the shel and the liner belongs togeter and whate that marking meen's it's only one 1 site of the helmet
  5. this is another camo helmet frond seam and steel rime no liner
  6. i have post this helmet before but there is somthing that i wonth to nowe there are stamps on the liner and the chinstrap is it the soldiers naam ore is it a fabric stamp ?
  7. wow whate a nice helmet they have done a great job danny
  8. a very nice helmet is it a rear seam danny
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