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  1. I know he went back as a contractor I think in 2006-2007 but didnt resigh his comission just put his contract on hold. He deployed with B Co. 612th as a PL to start then half way through became the XO of B Co. He was with us (148th) on our 2008 deployment. Not sure if he was a E-7 before taking his comission but I can find out. As for Springer I havent found anything out yet. Talked to 2 guys that were with C Co. and one from HHC and none of them remember him. I will keep asking around. Let me know if there is any specific info you want.
  2. Also the tie between the uniforms is that CPT Cousins deployed with the 612th in 04-05 to Baghdad.
  3. Redleg I may be able to help. I was in HHC 612th and know several that were in B Co. That name sounds familiar and can find out about him. Can also help with the Officer BDU. After I left the 612th I joined HHC 148th and that is where I know (now) CPT Cousins from, who was the company commander for A Co. 148th on our most recent deployment to Afghanistan. I would bet money on it being his due to the Ranger scroll combat patch and the 38th Division patch, which the 148th fell under until 2006.
  4. All the stories on there are fake ones. Taken from the About Us section of the blog. "The Duffel Blog serves the men and women of the US Military with a daily dose of military humor, funny military pictures, and faux news. We take an interesting and funny look at military life. We focus on veterans, military stories, defense, politics (sometimes) and life on base — with a comedic twist. We are in no way, shape, or form, a real news outlet. Just about everything on this website is satirical in nature. Who We Are We are disgruntled Marines, annoyed Army Guys, sickened Sailors… and no
  5. RIP SFC Hannon, SFC Rieck, CPT Rozanski. 3 great HHC 148th brothers in arms that will be forever remembered. Were still here kicking some a$$ in your honor.
  6. The version we use today is the M1117 ASV (armored Security Vehicle). We used them in 2008 while in Iraq to escort logistical convoys from FOB to FOB.
  7. I have one exactly like this and was told it was for the CCC.
  8. Here we are mainly working on MRAP's (MaxxPro, M-ATV, RG-33's) here, but at home I work on most anything with wheels on it. I enjoy working on some of the bigger trucks like HEMTT's and 916's. Thanks for the well wishes
  9. I am currently a 91B Wheeled vehicle mechanic serving as the Motor SGT for a BDE HHC in Afghanistan. Though im pretty sure I made up my mind to go Warrant officer so once I get back stateside I will go 915A which is a Automotive Maintenance Tech.
  10. They also make the M1117 ASV that we use now in Iraq and Afganistan.
  11. Spent 9 years as a Ironworker out of local 55 but after my 2008 deployment I made a career change amd now I'm a Federal Technician at FMS #17 Camp Perry. About to start my 8th year in the Ohio National Guard and currently at Camp Shelby Waiting on a plane to go to Afganistan as the Motor Sergeant for HHC 37th IBCT. Also do part time security at concerts for the past 15 years. not a bad gig getting paid to go to concerts.
  12. I'm currently at Camp Shelby getting ready to go over and the alteration shop here is still making and selling them. Was just there today.
  13. Thats the plan for that room that they are all laying in. I have overgrown the den and now moving the "War Room" to the spare bedroom.
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