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  1. Hello collectors! i was cleaning my collection when i ran into this pair of original Buckle boots! they have leather damnage, but still look very well! When i got them years ago, i wasn t interessted in tracing soldiers or relatives... that s why i forgot about them i guess So now i discovered a name inside, and some numbers (i guess military numbers) GUIDO L MENDINI - 33617805 i searched NARA AAD and found the owner (link below) http://aad.archives.gov/aad/record-detail....amp;rid=4090053 if anyone could trace him, or has any usefull information about his m
  2. hello, i ve got some great M1 relics as well (Hurtgen Wald Germany) they looked the same as yours, rusted and unusefull... but after cleaning them with "ELEKTROLYSE" they re now in SUPER chape...!!! every part moves, even some original markings are visible now!!! you should really try it!!! you just need water, salt, and a car battery charger.... search the internet and make your own "ELEKTROLYSE" toy!!!! it is used in museuls all over the world! It just removes the rust, nothing more, and nothing less greetings
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