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  1. Hi What outfit was he in? Was he in Sanitary trains or Ambulance Co. Nice grouping I love 30th stuff.
  2. I am planning on going looking for ww1 30th division items such as painted gas masks bags,complete groupings and painted helmets with liner and chinstrap. I am also looking for a 2nd Division 2nd Engineer painted helmet with a red castle background with liner and chinstrap also looking for tunic with same patch as the helmet.Good luck to everybody on their endeavors. I have a great time catching up with everybody since the last show.
  3. I'm glad somebody stood up for the seller. He is a really nice guy.I sold this group to him and how do you think this makes me feel!!!!! It was a very nice 42nd Div group and I had it for a year or so and it was time to let it go. This goes to prove you just never know what things will bring. Merry Christmas everybody and happy New Year. 30thguy
  4. That is neat.. I once saw a Maxim 08/15 drum box with a 82nd division patch painted on it. It was used by the Company barber to put his tools in. 30thguy
  5. Hi I have a 40th Engineers grouping that has the patch mounted on the tunic and the overcoat the same as the way that it is painted on the helmet you are talking about. His helmet is not painted but it is identified to him. 30thguy
  6. Take it to a dry cleaner. I had a WW1 82nd division officer tunic that had been in a display with the arms glued to the tunic<br />I asked if they could remove it without damaging the uniform. They said they could. When I got it back you couldn't tell it ever<br />had glue on it.They have better solvents for that than you could buy. 30thguy
  7. Sorry took so long to answer. The reason I say he got it in Germany is that he hated the army because he was drafted when he was 30 years old. He did not belong to the American Legion nor did he go to reunions so that's why I say he got it in Germany. From what I remember when I was a young kid,Not everyone I met enjoyed their WW1 experience. He just wanted to forget about it. I will check and look but I don't think it has a mark.But they are pretty though. Will answer you tomorrow evening 30thguy
  8. I have the same type pin that was my great uncles ww1 pin. He was with the 2nd Division Engineers and I believe this was made in Germany as he was with the army of occupation and was billeted with a German family. Just my 2 cents worth 30thguy
  9. Kevin Thanks for sharing the pictures and glad you like the helmet.Hope to see you at the Show of Shows Tim Ledford
  10. Nice patches was stationed on the Big E back in the 70's and have a couple of patches like that. 30thguy
  11. The marking is on back of the pouch if I remember right. It is in the style just like a collar disc it is marked 328 over G in the standard stencil marking 30thguy
  12. I know of a WW1 First aid pouch that is marked to Co. G 328th Inf. It belongs to a family whose great uncle was in Alvin Yorks company. They also have uniform and some other item,but they are in rough shape.I have researched items for them and they are real. 30thguy
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