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  1. louie

    Marine I.D. Any Info

    Well this is what is on the right sleeve.
  2. When I was a kid, late fifties, early sixties you could find these by the bundle at the local Army Navy stores. They cost a dollar, and I remember buying one. They had them forever since almost nobody but a weird kid like me bought them.
  3. louie

    Marine I.D. Any Info

    Thanks, is the FMF HQ patch right then? thanks again.
  4. This is a jacket I have had for ages. Bought it at the Pomona Gun Show in 90's. Any idea who this guy was? It has a generic 1st MAC patch, and a white diamond on the right side. thanks in advance.
  5. I found Roman Navarro's Navy blouse at the Goodwill in downtown L.A. And believe it or not, didn't buy it! I was into AAF and USMC stuff. It was his costume blouse from the movie, The Flying Fleet, which came out in 1929. Oh well. When I was doing the rag houses in L.A. the amount of stuff I threw back in the 80's and 90's, which is now highly desirable, is well, sickening.
  6. Same as Bob said. There was tons of stuff left after WW2. You didn't need to make fakes, when the government basically sold off surplus in those days for pennies. You even see guys fighting Martians on Mars wearing A2 jackets, and WW2 oxygen masks, carrying m1 Carbines! Even the series Combat all had real m41 jackets, and even a few real tanker jackets, plus all the web gear. As a kid you could go into an Army Navy Store and see more left over WW2 stuff than you could imagine. The smell of canvas Army tents is still stuck in my brain sixty years after!
  7. If you look up the pictures of soldiers in basic, Air Forces type you will still see them using blouse in 1946 at least. They were still issued in basic it seems until the QM ran out of them, and then the Ikes started to be issued. Look up Air Force Basic graduation pics from the 46-49 era to see all kinds of combinations being worn.
  8. I don't understand why the bronze buttons, and not the gold buttons. The gold ones looked much better. Are they trying to copy Marine officer's buttons. As we can see during WW2 all kinds of variations were allowed, and since this was an officer's uniform you could be creative if you had the $$$$.
  9. I would say no, too much for that.
  10. Closer up they do look like WW2 patches. The First Cav. patch was on a uniform so no doubt. The First Cav. also served in the Korean War, and used the WW2 patches which I am sure there were thousands left over from WW2. Some real nice ones were made in occupied Japan, but this is a U.S. made one.
  11. Glad you liked it. Yes, this is a rag mill piece. Sad that so many people whose relatives gave so much cared so little for their stuff. I was always wondering why this guy never seemed to be at least a PFC. Now I know why. Over the years I let so many uniforms go through my hands cause they weren't something really special, usually AAF or M.C. that I kick myself. Oh well, you can't have them all. Now you rarely find anything this cool any more in a rag house.
  12. The 1st Cav yes, the 6th Marines looks modern to me.
  13. And don't forget, never call a Marine a soldier! It will get you in trouble!
  14. With all the uniforms I dug through at rag houses when they were abundant I saw ducks sewn on, pinned on, glued on. you name it. Also saw them on field jackets, mackinaws, dress blues, and even a p coat! Once in a while you would see them even on officer's uniforms though rarely. And yes, many WW2 uniform blouses didn't have them sewn on.
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