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  1. Years of searching through bundles of uniforms in the rag mills of Los Angeles every now and then an officer's blouse would come out w/ a ruptured duck. Not common, but did happen. Seen those discharge ducks on m41's, m43's, Mackinows, Pea Coats, Officer's tan uniforms, etc. At the end of the war it seems there were very loose regs. on the wearing of the discharge patch.
  2. Just got a blouse from a thrift store near my house. It is a four pocket, Sgt. w/ 4 overseas bars, and three hash marks. No SSI though. It was a round SSI from the ghost though. Any idea of the soldier would help. Thanks in advance.
  3. Over the years picking up tunics/blouses from the rag houses you would see many Army/AAF m26 blouse w/ Pacific area patches. Far more than the ones out of the ETO. Even 20th AAF almost all were blouses, as were the 13th AF. Now, the 14th came across many jackets that were cut down by Chinese tailors. 5th AF usually blouses or an Aussie battle jacket.
  4. After being in the Marine Corps, went into the Air Force Reserve. Yes, the CIB is allowed to be worn with the Air Force uniform. We had a M/Sgt who had it, and our sister squadron had a First Sgt. who also wore a CIB. Both were VN vets in the Army at the time.
  5. Over the years going through so many Ikes and blouses I used to see at the rag houses I have def. seen that label. Just a plain white label w/ Phla.QM Dept. on it.
  6. The amount of stuff not saved, and turned into rags is enough to give you sleepless nights. Always was interest in German WW2 stuff, but the American stuff was so common that most didn't seem to put any interest or value on it. That sadly is why so much of it is now in landfills around the country.
  7. Some came out complete with everything, and others only what was sewn on. Haven't gone back for a year or so. Mostly modern Army, Marine, uniforms, marpat, dcu, etc. Once in a blue moon last year I would find an Ike or some WW2 stuff, but very rarely. Lots of Army greens, with mostly eighties and forward dates. I used to find a lot of Navy blueberries too. The days of WW2 stuff is pretty much gone from the rag house since most vets are long gone, and now people collect much more than before. In the old days when pop died, or gramps, off to the Goodwill, or worse trash can. A good fri
  8. I used to work in downtown L.A. and there were many rag houses close by. In my lunch hour I would go and search out the piles and barrels of military stuff they would separate from the civilian clothes. Most, even in the eighties was you're more modern stuff, but at that time many WW2 and even some WW1 stuff would come out. A rag mill is what now is called recycling clothes, or making into actual rags for whatever. Probably ninety percent of stuff u give the Goodwill, or Salvation Army, etc. never make it to the racks. It is bailed and sold for it's weight. It is a commodity and the pric
  9. I'm pretty sure that's another one that I pulled out of a rag house in the nineties.
  10. May be a wartime or right after the war temp. billet. I had a 1st MAW blouse with M/Sgt (bars, not rockers) on it. No hash marks.
  11. I remember in all my days of rag picking you would pick up some stuff that now they would say is wrong. I saw overseas bars on m43's, m41's, mackinaws, shirts, you name it. Also remember seeing ruptured ducks on officer uniforms which was supposedly only for EM's. When WW2 ended so many people getting out that I really don't think they followed AR regs to the letter.
  12. That was one of mine that came out of a rag mill in Los Angeles years back. The stuff I threw back in the pile in those days makes you want to cry now. There was so much of it then.
  13. Well this is what is on the right sleeve.
  14. When I was a kid, late fifties, early sixties you could find these by the bundle at the local Army Navy stores. They cost a dollar, and I remember buying one. They had them forever since almost nobody but a weird kid like me bought them.
  15. Thanks, is the FMF HQ patch right then? thanks again.
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