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  1. Did all Companies in the 11th Marine Regiment have these booklets printed up? I have only seen them for Company C and Company D.
  2. Dog Company In war, the right man in the right place at the right time can make the difference between victory and defeat. Patrick K. O’Donnell tells the dramatic story of the 68 soldiers who served in the U.S. Army’s 2nd Ranger Battalion, Company D—“Dog Company”—who made that difference, time and again, in some of World War II’s most pivotal clashes. In its first action as part of the D-Day invasion, the men of Dog Company scaled the sheer 90-foot cliffs to destroy the German guns emplacements atop Pointe du Hoc that threatened to derail the Allied landings. On the slopes of Hill 400,
  3. http://battleoffranklin.wordpress.com/ John Bell Hood Documents Discovered Significant historical find changes how Hood has been portrayed (Franklin, Tenn.)— October 19, 2012–The Battle of Franklin Trust Chief Operating Officer Eric A. Jacobson announced today at Carnton Plantation the discovery of several hundred documents, letter and orders of Confederate General John Bell Hood. While conducting research for an upcoming book on the general, West Virginia’s Sam Hood, a collateral descendent and student of the career of Hood, was invited to inspect a collection of the general’s
  4. Only a handful of soldiers were assigned to FEST and most of the so called original pieces of insignia (Vietnamese made) were made for collectors. One photograph exists which shows the FEST beret flash being worn in Viet Nam. Mil Med. 1991 Feb;156(2):96-9. The United States Army Special Forces--Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Field Epidemiological Survey Team (Airborne), 1965-1968. Fuenfer MM. Source Surgeon's Office, 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Meade, MD. Abstract In 1965, an innovative concept in field medicine was launched in th
  5. A 7th Group team was TDY to Viet Nam in 1970-1971 to train the Cambodians (FANK) in the use of the 75mm pack howitzer.
  6. Very nice 34th Division collection. I particularly like the deck of playing cards!
  7. In the photograph below, top row center, is an early (1961) Vietnamese hand embroidered 1st SFG beret flash with crest. Top row, second flash from the right, is not a Special Forces beret flash. It is a beret flash worn by a PRU unit which operated in Tay Ninh Province.
  8. In the early days (1961 -1964) many 1st SFG and 7th SFG A Detachments were TDY to Viet Nam for six month tours. Although not common, 1st SFG and 7th SFG flashes were made in Viet Nam. 7th Group was also the first unit in South Viet Nam to have a member earn a Medal of Honor, Captain Roger Donlon.
  9. Was or is this patch currently worn on the helmets of members of the C.R.I.P Platoon, 1st Battalion, 27th Wolfhounds? If yes, does anyone have a photograph showing it being worn? Thank you.
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