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  1. Patchcollector thank you for posting. Besides Harry Pugh site, please check this site by Matt Force http://www.botrmilitaria.com/ You will find information and patches that are easily found because he has them all broken down by groups. Whatever he has listed are all original items and have found him to be very knowledgeable in this field. This is not my are of interest, but have picked up several carry over designs from him from the Vietnam era.
  2. Mike, It is not related to the ARVN Rangers (BDQ). I cannot find the site where I saw this, but if I remember correctly is was for a Mike Force unit in either the I or II Corps.
  3. I have reviewed the patches posted and am amazed at the carry over of the designs from Vietnam to the Cold War / GWOT. Matt, you have some amazing and beautiful patches that are shown and will be contacting you on some of them that I will like to obtain.
  4. It was for a Infantry unit down in IV Corps. My ranger buddy was a advisor and worn this patch.
  5. I have looked at them again, and am willing to put money on the bottom right person that is kneeling, by what I see not by the name.
  6. Being Asian, and being from Hawaii gives me a advantage. I have taken the group picture with the red circles and the first picture side by side to compare and would put my money in the person kneeling bottom right. When comparing the lips, eyes and nose they match.
  7. This is a very reasonable price for this non swallow tail variant, which is far less common than the swallow tail version.
  8. US Dog and David I applaud the both of you for allowing David to obtain the medal. That is how the hobby should be. Because you did what you did, if you both would like something related to the Vietnam War, PM me with you name and address. David you are a fortunate young man to have gotten it. I have seen patches with Quartermasters Tags but not one for a medal. Scotty, as usual you are the MAN!
  9. I do not believe it is a tab that indicated that the individual was a advisor, for just by being a American and the insignia he is wearing on his uniform would do that. The Lt. was probably a Assistant Senior Advisor and as such would deploy with a forward company. A Vietnamese Bn. would be made up of 5 companies and I believe it is a company designation. For information the Bn. organization would be HQ, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Companies. The normal advisor make up would be Senior Advisor (Cpt.), Assistant Sr. Advisor (1st Lt.) two Senior NCO's (normally E-6 and E-7) and a RTO (Sp. 4).
  10. During the later part of the war MACVSOG wore that tab over a MACV SSI.
  11. I have seen it arranged as such. On the right side of the uniform is his Ranger qualification badge. Since Advisors wore U.S. insignia such as U.S. Army, jump wings and CIB on the left side, I wore the wing over the Ranger badge.
  12. Since we are on a subject relating to campaign stars, I have a question. If one were in country during 7 campaigns, what stars would be shown on the ribbon? Thanks in advance.
  13. Beautiful helmet that may have been worn by the 38th Ranger Bn in 1966. When I first saw it, that was my first thoughts. Four rifle companies and Headquarters Companies all wore helmets, but for each company there was one dominant color. If I remember correctly the color differs from the one I had, and so believe it was for one of the rifle companies.
  14. Great history and insignia site. Thanks for posting items and their history on a regular basis.
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