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  1. Found this today. Three states from N Bolinger's find, previous topic. Looks like these two guys may have had the same supply Sgt. Can anybody id this? Is it Confederate?
  2. VMI,found in a barn in south Louisiana,nothing else known.
  3. Take a look at the overcoat in the war time picture.Not US ?
  4. Thanks guys.The canteen needed to be with family,I feel good that it made it home.Thanks
  5. mp44

    Odd DCU

    No other markings,blank size tag.Wherever these are worn I dont want to visit.Thanks for the replies.
  6. mp44

    Odd DCU

    The last picture
  7. mp44

    Odd DCU

    And another one
  8. mp44

    Odd DCU

    another picture
  9. Any ideas on this one? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the replies. If smell is any indication of age, the case is outside now with a terrible, over-powering musty smell. I am attaching 2 pictures of the case. Again, thanks.
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