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  1. I could write a book about the dumb things that went on in the ICBM complex of FE Warren AFB Wy and most of them involved the Security Police who had to work out there. The complex's had what were called Mobile Fire Teams that roamed the area and consisted of a light armored truck a M60 gunner, a team leader and I think two other guys. To keep mileage down on the armored truck which was a pig, the teams would meet up some where to change over so they could go home. Well one day two teams meet up on I80 in western Neb, change over and the old crew heads back to Cheyenne. Some time later they
  2. Got to give a lot of credit to those young sailors and their leadership for fighting this fire.
  3. Great post from one who once stood nuclear alert
  4. Hi m1 ashooter,  Thank you for your insight for George Rayner...here is other pictures

    with the 13th patch clearly shown including the camo...Thanks!






  5. Agreed. Looks like boot camp graduation picture.
  6. My educated opinion is this is a Party Suit belonging to a hell of a brave aircrew member who flew Wild Weasel missions against SAM sites in North Vietnam if he belonged to the 13TFS,
  7. Hi. I'm trying to replicate the Apple Green Color that the RJ Stamping M1 helmets were painted. Does anyone have a suggestion and source of the color. I'm working on a display to honor the Missile Cops who worked security of the ICBM complex's in the early 80's and I have a helmet from the period that is in rough shape.
  8. Thanks. I discovered what you mentioned in your reply this afternoon. Two failed attempts but at least I got a new propane torch. The lids are RJ Stampings so its ok if the paint gets messed up.
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