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  1. I assume that french manufactured fourragères are different from the US made ones but I can't tell you the difference since I have never seen a US made fourragère.
  2. The third volume of the original Millenium Trilogy
  3. Looks like a marine lid to me. Did you get it with the elastic band?
  4. Name tape looks vietnamese made but the USAF tape is US made, pebbled canvas tapes are seen in the late VN years.
  5. Time period knock off have been probably made in Malaya or HK.
  6. Those are british jungle hat not australian. Australian giggle hat is different. I sold my entire aussie collection and have no pics available. But the Australians and Kiwis wore british hats throughout the war. I believe the British Army supplied tons of them to ANZAC troops during the State of Emergency
  7. If the ERDL jacket you saw, had the EGA stamp, the marine could have served after Vietnam. It is a possibility.
  8. Great beret and field jacket with Okinawa made SF SSI.
  9. Definitely not ARVN but a left over of the Indochina war. LTC Count Nicolas Roumiantzoff, 1st Régiment de Marche de Spahis Marocains, 1944. Your captain rank was used as chest rank for overalls.
  10. I had a lot of lids too but I sold them due to the lack of room. But definitely not as many as Justin, very nice collection my friend!
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