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  1. I had regrets about not buying an item when I had the chance, but never about overpaying for an item.
  2. BTT - Bringing this back up with the new Midway movie out this weekend.
  3. I have one of these, but mine is powder blue. Yours is only the 2nd one I've ever seen and I collect Stage Door Canteen items. Keith
  4. 2nd Lt. Charles Noetzel Superior, Arizona 351st Bomb Group 509th Bomb Squadron Killed In Action June 13, 1943 Purple Heart 2nd Lt. Noetzel was Bombardier of B-17F #42-5815 “Stardust” on a mission to bomb the U-boat yards at Bremen. Flak over the target area knocked out three engines and the bomber began losing altitude. Alone and at low altitude over Oldenbrok, it was attacked by Me-110 night fighters from Nachtjagdgeschwader 3. Ofw. Wilhelm Schmale downed the bomber and claimed it as his 4th kill.
  5. Here is a likely candidate for you - MSgt Charles D. Ward, 1st Armd Div., 14th Armd Inf Bn, Svc Co. WIA - Mediterranean Theater Sorry, I don't have a record of where the information came from as it's in a database that was compiled from many different sources. Keith
  6. I've had this photo for a while and really like it. It's very interesting to just study and look at it as there is a variety of uniforms, branches, units, etc. in it. Just thought I would share it. Keith
  7. Nice group Kurt. Those cards would be difficult to to find for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Here is a scan of the engravings to hopefully show them a little better.
  9. Letter from General Mark Clark. I believe this is his actual signature.
  10. Letter from Gen. Weyland, Commanding General Far Eastern Air Forces.
  11. Letter from the 49th Fighter Bomber Group commanding officer.
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